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The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision” – Helen Keller That is exactly the case with email marketing that is practiced without any auditing. Interestingly, approximately 74% of client-side marketers consider email an “excellent” or “good” marketing channel. Performing an ‘Email Marketing Audit’ helps you measure the performance of your email marketing strategy and get the most out of it. Many marketers overlook this approach thinking it’s not worth their time or money. However, the fact remains that email auditing can illuminate marketers on the shortcomings of their strategy and help them make the necessary modifications.

Importance of Conducting an Email Marketing Audit – Helping You Provide Insight An email marketing audit can come to your rescue if you are facing any challenges or want to rediscover new opportunities with your email campaigns. It opens up new Uzbekistan B2B List for you to try and try. Companies often prefer a quarterly email audit approach. However, if the number of emails that make up your strategy is too low, you may want to consider a semi-annual approach to auditing. Let the experts audit your email marketing campaign and help you optimize it.

Whether You Should

Conduct an internal audit or an external audit is debatable, but an external audit is more beneficial in the following ways: You can receive unbiased input from a knowledgeable professional. An external audit considers the latest trends and gives the organization a direction or vision to invest. Trivial things go unnoticed when audited internally. Let’s take a simple example. It is recommended to use live text instead of split fonts in email. This might seem like a small thing, but it goes a long way toward improving the subscriber experience. When new legal policies are implemented, an audit can allow you to recognize how and to what extent you need to modify your strategy. Remember GDPR implemented on May 25 , 2018? If you’re still not sure if your emails are GDPR compliant, an audit can figure it out for you.

Uzbekistan B2B List

By running an email campaign audit, you can make important decisions like upgrading to a new email service provider, improving deliverability, or changing the day/time of sending. Also, it allows you to have a comprehensive understanding of what works for your emails and what doesn’t. Through the insights derived from email audit reports. You can improve your business results by reviewing the key elements of your email marketing strategy. Factors in the email audit Many clients who approach agencies for email auditing are unsure of the parameters in it. Email Uplers is a full service email marketing agency that provides a comprehensive email audit. Some of the criteria they take into account are below: What is the current trend in the email industry?

They Review Emails And Share

The items that are most relevant to that particular industry, based on the latest trends. This information is more likely to produce good results for clients. Let’s say that for one of our clients, typography works better than simple fonts like Times New Roman. They should design emails with this fact in mind. What types of CTAs contribute to the best performance of email campaigns? Audit experts take a close look at the type of CTAs that drive subscribers to visit the website. They rounded buttons, calls to action with first person narratives. A specific color in the text of the call to action, etc. Does the email design instill confidence? Even a glance at the email should build credibility and instill confidence in the mind of the subscriber.

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