36 Tools To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing has evolved from its beginnings in the 1970s, when a marketing manager for Digital Equipment Corp sent a mass email to a few hundred recipients. The novelty of it generated over $13 million in sales and heralded the birth of email marketing. Currently, 3.7 billion people use email and this will increase to 4.3 billion by 2022. In this way, emails are a great way for marketers to get in touch with their customers. Contrary to the popular notion that email marketing is a batch and explosive promotional email from marketers to their subscribers, a great deal of planning, testing, and analysis goes into an email marketing campaign.

Even then, there is always room to improve your email marketing campaign and we have listed 35 tools to improve your email marketing campaigns. Preparing your email marketing campaign Before you even hit ‘send’, you have a lot of preparation to do to make sure your email campaign is a success. There is the collection of emails and cleaning your database, designing your templates and creating the content for your email. Fortunately, there are many tools Vietnam B2B List to streamline this process. Projects management Producing email templates is not a simple task for one man to handle, it is a collaboration of different teams. The involvement of multiple resources, such as the designer, writer, developer, and marketer, brings with it the challenge of interdependencies.

In A Time-constrained

Situation where a concept needs to be thought of, designed, developed, tested and executed, you need certain project management tools. 1. forget Sending an email involves a lot of things to check off, so why not make a checklist of them? If you want an independent checklist to stay on top of things, try Forgett. This online form will keep you updated on the progress of creating your email. 2. Trello With so much to organize in your email, you likely have a lot of people working on it, from designers to coders to content writers. Keep everyone up to date and on one page with Trello. It allows you to collaborate seamlessly, check off different tasks, archive completed work, and assign roles. It can be used worldwide, so it works if your team is remote.

Vietnam B2B List

Crms A successful email marketer is one who sends a relevant email based on the subscriber’s journey. Keeping track of thousands of subscribers is no easy task without good CRM software. 3. By contact Aimed at real estate agents, Contactually offers a CRM platform that can sift through your contacts. It will collect information from your email inbox, website and social networks to help make messaging more targeted and to put all your communications in one place. Therefore, your subscriber list and your campaign in general become more organized. 4.Zoho Zoho is a multi-channel CRM platform that collects various data from different touchpoints as specified and directed by you. Additionally, for eCommerce industries, Zoho also provides integration of your inventory and billing tools.

Esp And Email Automation

Tools Sending an email to all your subscribers at once is difficult without an email service provider and sending them individually based on a certain trigger is not physically possible without automation. You upload your email template and mailing list to ESP and simultaneously send it to everyone. By setting up the appropriate trigger in your automation workflow. An ESP sends a specific email to its subscribers who satisfy a specific trigger. 5. Drip Drip specifically helps eCommerce businesses with marketing automation. You can design personalized emails that are sent when a customer buys for the first time. When they leave your baskets, or when they return to your website. It simplifies your sales funnel and has some impressive tracking capabilities, which helps increase conversions.

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