Email Marketing For Startups: Tips To Increase Brand Visibility

Startups don’t start making billions overnight; it takes a great marketing strategy to do it. While ‘seed’ companies have been actively using channels such as social media, online and offline advertising; But nothing can beat email marketing when it comes to reaching your target audience. Costing 33% less than other lead generation mechanisms, emails drive 50% more sales. However, with over 122 billion emails flooding inboxes around the world every 60 minutes, it’s very important to outperform other email campaigns. So how does your startup brand steal the spotlight and aid brand building?

As for cold emailing, it’s not really a good idea to consider an increased chance of your email being marked as spam, which can invariably hurt your sender reputation even before your business spreads its wings. You need to understand that venture capitalist would not have time to catch up with you over dinner and email is the only means of New Zealand B2B List you can trust. 10 tips that can make email marketing the strongest arsenal for startups 1. Be sure to write concise personalized copy that explains why you chose a particular venture capitalist for funding and why it’s mutually beneficial. 2. Present your ideas in an innovative way using interactive elements like sliders, spinning banners, etc.

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Of sending one with bulky attachments. 3. Review your copy. You can’t afford to lose an opportunity just because of incorrect spelling or punctuation. 4. The email must not be written with the aim of obtaining money. 5. Present your startup in a compelling way with minimal use of business jargon. 6. Share how your idea can solve a specific problem. 7. If you have a fan base or customer base, pass on the progress you’ve made and the type of customers you have. Please provide numbers and statistics to support your traction data. 8. Be specific when asking for feedback. It works better than just asking “What’s your opinion?” 9. Conclude the email with a polite request such as “Please let us know your convenient time for a short call” instead of “Please invest $3.0M.” 10.

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Your email must maintain your personality and confidence that your leadership can navigate the (start-up) ship. Pro Tip: Along with email marketing, harness the power of social media channels to get in touch with investors, if you think they’re more active on those platforms. If your email covers all of these important tricks, keep your fingers crossed; you will surely receive an answer. How Email Marketing Can Move Your Startup Business To The Next Level 1. Create your list before launch List building is not about “buying” lists. To be (brutally) honest, it’s a very bad idea. In fact, according to an Aweber study, a meager 12% reported higher ROI on purchased lists compared to 45% on internal email lists.

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List Average open rates round up to 20-25%, while with purchased listings, it could drop to 5% or less (Optinmonster). You must have a well-designed landing page that promotes the product or service you offer with the startup. You can even request an email address from people who would like your product and want more details about it. Opt for drip email campaigns once you get a good number of subscribers and appreciate them for being early adopters. In addition to these, you can also create your own genuine database through customer surveys or local mailers. email marketing for startup list building Pro Tip: Create blogs for your niche business and look for subscriptions.

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