Why Should You Automate Your Email Marketing With Marketo?

Ever wonder why marketing automation is gaining so much traction? Well, marketing automation is a powerful tactic that allows you to engage the right customers at scale. It not only enables businesses to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows, but also increase operational efficiency to grow revenue faster. The myriad of benefits that marketing automation offers make it a crucial investment for your business. Here are some of them, in brief: 1 profitable Automation is an affordable way to free up your mental space and be able to generate higher income. You can allocate your budget to the most important tasks since you will no longer be busy with labor costs. 2. Scalable Automation isn’t just for small businesses and short-term goals.

Whether you’re a startup with 1,000 subscribers or a multinational with over 5 million subscribers, automation can enable you to reach everyone. 3. Better coordination between sales and marketing Automation helps improve coordination between sales and marketing teams, which ultimately leads to higher productivity and better conversions. It also allows companies to reduce the cost. If that sounds compelling enough to invest in a marketing Canada B2B List tool, you have a plethora of options to choose from. There are several platforms available in the market that allow you to automate your email marketing including HubSpot, Salesforce, Constant Contact, and Eloqua to name a few. However, our favorite among all these platforms remains Marketo.

Let’s Start With Why Marketo

Has become one of the popular platforms when it comes to automation. More agile and easier to use Marketo is a flexible marketing automation tool that enables businesses to execute their strategy without delay or compromise. It’s easy to use, whether you want to start simple or meet the most demanding requirements. 2. No problem connecting to your company Marketo can be seamlessly connected to major business applications through out-of-the-box integrations and an extensive API. 3. An award-winning ecosystem of expert professionals Marketo brings you an award-winning community of over 20,000 users along with experts, consultants, and partners. We love using Marketo because it has made more businesses successful than any other platform.

Canada B2b List

With that said, we’ll now dive deeper into why email marketers choose Marketo over other platforms. 1.Optimal deliverability rates Marketo, unlike other independent email service providers. Offers features like subscription management, addressing bounce rate, processing unsubscribed. Suppression lists, and premium services like dedicated IP addresses. You can even validate the link, preview the email. Check for spam and monitor the delivery rate with the help of this platform. These capabilities ensure an improved email deliverability rate with reputation management for all your marketing emails as well as triggered automation emails.

Strong Lead Scoring Model Marketo

Offers a lead scoring model that gives you the ability. To assign a score to each lead based on the action taken by them. It’s a multidimensional lead scoring model that provides scores based on demographics, behavior, and social media engagement. Consequently, you can set rules and filters with the help of which you can set up personalized. Automated emails for the different segments. It will make your lead nurturing campaigns more effective and will also increase click-through rate and conversions. If you think your segmentation and targeting processes aren’t up to scratch. Marketo can precisely micro-segment your entire database and help you target the right person. The right time with the right message. This plays an integral role in email marketing.

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