Email Subject Line Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

The email subject line can be compared to the title of a newspaper or magazine article. Whether someone reads the entire article or ignores it usually depends on how catchy the title is. The same applies to subject lines. The more attractive your subject line is, the better your email open rate will be. The basic recipe for a good subject line is that it should be direct, self-explanatory, and relevant to the recipient. With the number of emails expected to reach over 333 billion by 2022, your subscribers’ inboxes will be even fuller than ever. Therefore, your subject line should be interesting enough to get the email opened.

If your email remains unopened, you’ll miss out on motivating readers to follow through on your call to action or achieving email conversion goals. How Subject Lines Have Evolved I still remember how bland the email subject lines sent by my gym Palestine B2B List to be 2 years ago. But, today, they send me more specific and clear subject lines that make me look forward to their emails. Subject (2016) – Health Gym Fitness Tips! Subject (2018): 25 Exercises Proven To Help You Lose Weight The first subject line seems generic and talks about the business. In contrast, the second subject line looks more promising to the target audience.

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The subject line even more impactful by instilling a sense of confidence in the reader. It also uses second-person narrative that communicates a clear benefit of “losing weight.” Naturally, the subscriber would be tempted to open the email. With that said, let’s understand the subject line trends we expect in 2019. 1. Use of emojis Take a look at the screenshot below. Which emails grab your attention first? Subject Lines Email Subject Lines Most people would agree that colorful and emotive emoji subject lines are more engaging than text-based ones. Adding emojis to email subject lines leads to a 56% higher open rate, compared to simple subject lines.

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Our team spoke with Sam Hurley from Optimeyez to find out how he felt about emojis. This is what he had to say: “Emojis are an amazing and humanized technique that can be used to grab attention and improve email open rates across devices.” Everyone, including millennials, loves emojis. Therefore, 2019 will see more subject lines with emojis. 2. A more humanized approach Personalizing subject lines by first name has been trending for a couple of years now. Hope for Justice email subject lines However, the next trend will be to humanize the email subject line beyond the subscriber’s name.

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With the subject as shown below, based on my search for the same product on their web store. That’s the perfect way to humanize email subject lines according to the prospect’s interest. Asics email subject lines 3. Artificial Intelligence Execution There was a time when human instinct was to craft subject lines. Most of the time, it was the result of afterthoughts once the email copy was. With the changing times, the principles of artificial intelligence are being incorporated into the subject lines of emails.

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