How To Convert Your Email Subscribers Into Leads

Among all the lead generation techniques available, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate and acquire new leads. It’s a format that many users are comfortable with and this is exactly why email marketing works so well. Ascend2’s recent report, Lead Generation Strategy Trends, proves that email marketing is indeed the number one online tactic for lead generation. Online-Tactics-Used-For-Lead-Generation-Graph Creating an email program that converts for your brand or business is not scientific at all; all you need to do is focus on the right things and take a methodical approach to generating quality leads.

The Uplers are here to enlighten you with the top 6 email marketing mantras to help you convert your email subscribers into leads: 1. List segmentation and targeting: It will take you a long way Relevant emails get more opens, clicks, and sales. And list segmentation makes your emails more relevant to your readers. Therefore, organize your list into segments, which can be done based on: List-Segmentation-And-Targeting Once you are done with Chad B2B List segmentation, you can opt for the triggered emails, which will be different for different segments. This will make the subscriber feel special and might be encouraged to take a particular action, thus improving the chances of lead conversions.

Drive Your Subscribers

Crazy by bombarding them with marketing material, you can just drive them away; instead, take a softer approach. You may also want to generate leads by providing a free e-book to thank them for signing up or perhaps a discount coupon for their next purchase. 2. Incentives to attract potential customers Big incentives can get a big response. Whenever you send an email to a subscriber, if you add an incentive in your subject line, your open rates are likely to increase. According to a MarketingProfs report, subject lines that include the phrases “on completed orders,” “unselected,” and “your next order” tend to inspire more action from consumers.

Chad B2B List

‘Get free shipping on purchases of $50 or more’ or ‘Get a free gift with product XYZ’ or ‘Download our latest e-book and get 10% off your next purchase’ are some good examples of focused subject lines. into incentives that can help convert an email subscriber into a potential customer. In the email example mentioned above, J. CREW has applied the same strategy to their email and subject line. 3. Email content: Provide a reason to read and smile Sending emails that are easy to understand and in the right context goes a long way in building the trust and loyalty of your email list. Also, make sure it’s very easy for subscribers to unsubscribe if they want to.

By Asking The Subscriber

A question like the one OFFICE asked in this email, they are not only building a relationship with the subscriber. They are also trying to convert them into potential customers. Image 4 Everything you do in marketing should deliver value to your readers. So don’t think twice about spending generous time strategizing and creating unique content for your winning email. Let your email subscribers know a little more about your business. Offer reasons why they should associate with your brand. Offering exclusive access to deals or promotions can help you get good leads. Take the first step by giving them genuine reasons to read your content. They are sure to open all of your emails. Doubling your chances of converting even more customers.

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