Email Template Production FAQ – Mindful Teachings From Part 1

Email Template Production FAQ – Mindful Teachings from Part 1 Published: 2017-05-31 You may have big goals to jumpstart your business with email marketing. But email template design issues can be bumps in the road. Uplers care about all things EMAIL and are therefore excited to help all souls in search of answers to email marketing problems. Browsing through our live chat, we’ve put together the most frequently asked questions about email template production. Here are some expert tips from the Uplers to help you achieve email marketing success . 1. What is the difference between an email template and a landing page? Email templates allow you to customize the format and text of emails sent by users who share your content.

Templates can be text only or HTML and text. The landing page is a separate web page that is used to transmit traffic. It is a page that a visitor can reach or land on. 2. What is the ideal size of an email template? In accordance with email design Ethiopia B2B List practices. The ideal width of the email should be 600-650 pixels and the height should be 1100 pixels . Make sure the height does not exceed 1500 pixels. If the height exceeds the limit, major email clients may clip the template. 600px to 700px is considered to be the optimal width for an email template for desktop layout. 1100px to 1500px is considered to be the optimal height for an email template for desktop layout.

Considered To Be The Optimal

Width for a mobile-friendly email template. 3. What are the issues associated with sending responsive email in Gmail and Outlook? Gmail can now read media queries and thus we can see the email template in responsive design in Gmail mobile apps. However, there is still a limitation with Outlook and Gmail: both are email clients and not ESP, and both have few limitations to send responsive email template via email client. Limitations include: unwanted spacing underlined links Inconsistent line height So, in case you are planning to send an email template via Gmail/Outlook, it is highly recommended to send a fixed layout email template. 4. My email is broken and does not display to its full extent in Gmail and Outlook.

Ethiopia B2B List

Why is that? As mentioned in point 2, the ideal email template length is 1200-1500 pixels . If the length of the template is greater than that, there are chances that the template will be clipped within Gmail and Outlook. But there are ways to overcome the challenges of Gmail clipping. Clipping generally depends not only on the length of the template, but also on the characters used in the template. Make sure the size of the template is less than 100 kB. If the file size exceeds this limit, it can lead to a lot of issues like increased loading time and of course cutbacks in Gmail and Outlook. 5. Google fonts are not supported in the email template.

Google Fonts Are Supported

By many major email clients, so as a workaround we can use fallback fonts so email clients that don’t support google fonts read the fallback fonts and the email is processed fine. The Google Fonts API supports the following browsers: Google Chrome: version 4.249.4+, Mozilla Firefox: version: 3.5+, Apple Safari: version 3.1+, Opera: version 10.5+, Microsoft Internet Explorer: version 6+. The Google Fonts API works reliably on most modern mobile operating systems, including Android 2.2+ and iOS 4.2+ (iPhone, iPad, iPod). Support for earlier versions of iOS is limited. If you want to go deeper into the topic, you may find this link helpful: 6. What is a retina email and how can I design one?

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