Basics Of Using GIFs In Emails: A Complete Guide

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a widely used file format for graphic images on the World Wide Web. As well as being an obvious standard for developing quality images on websites, it is used for adding quality images even in email. GIF is better than any other format if you want to add lossless compressed animations in your email design. Animations can be a cutaway of a scene or a slideshow-style animation that shows numerous still frames selected from different images. Some technical aspects related to GIFs The GIF format works with the patented LZW (Lempel-Ziv-Welch) compression algorithm, which is owned by Unisys.

In its backend, GIF uses the 2D raster data type which is binary. The email builds a short sequence of images into a single GIF file. It is an 8-bit file type, offering a gamut of 256 (or fewer) different colors. They a standard selection or an image-dependent selection made by the user. CompuServe designed it in the early Armenia B2B List of the Internet. The amount of compression will depend on the type of image. A full color continuous tone image would not to less than 30% of its original size. In contrast, a solid color vector image should further. The GIF file format supports layers, so it imparts transparency and animation.

The Advent Of GIFs

In emails (some case studies) In 2007, Lake Champlain Chocolates tried their hand at GIFs to improve the performance of email campaigns. Much to his surprise, he improved his conversions by 49%. Take a look at the type of GIFs they had included in their email. In 2014, half a decade ago, Dell made 109% revenue with the help of a GIF-focused email campaign. Since then, the use of GIFs has spread to various innovative applications in various industries. There was a time when Outlook didn’t support GIFs. We’ve come a long way since that phase, and GIFs are now in all email clients except older versions of Outlook. This has paved new avenues for using GIFs in emails without worrying about rendering challenges.

Armenia B2B List

With that said, let’s go over the different uses of GIFs in emails. Travel industry The travel industry thrives by sharing compelling images with globetrotters and inspiring wanderlust in them. By using GIFs in travel industry emails, you can entice them to plan a trip and buy from you. You can even promote a wide range of destinations with different packages. See how cleverly Hawaiian Airlines has used a cinemagraph-like GIF and highlighted discount prices. Let’s take another example from Carnival Cruise Line. They have embedded a creative scroll in the email that ends with a beautiful GIF. Not only will it grab the attention of the subscriber, but it will also compel them to click and convert.

Retail And E-commerce Industry

The e-commerce industry can harness the power of GIFs in emails by showcasing the wide variety of products through animations. It will give the recipients of the email a clear idea about the type of products on sale and encourage them to make the purchase. Take a look at this email design from J.Crew. Take a look at how Sambag uses GIFs to win over email subscribers and stand out in the crowded inbox. Telecommunications Telecommunications is largely based on how well you can reach the largest mass. Netflix gives the perfect example of how to do it, with an impressive cinemagraph to promote its “House of Cards” series. Service-Based Businesses B2B email marketers and service businesses can experiment with innovative GIF ideas to promote their offerings.

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