The Why And How Of Using Emojis In Subject Lines

How convenient it is to express yourself through emojis! Chat has caused an increase in the use of emojis, and now we fell in love with the idea of ​​emojis everywhere. So why should we avoid using emojis in email subject lines? A smiling emoji can convey that the email is something to be happy about and can increase open rates for you. Emojis can better express the content of the email and attract the right audience. That’s why marketers are trying to strategically and creatively include emojis in email subject lines. The use of emojis in email and mobile marketing messages has increased by more than 775% year-on-year.

Having said that, we need to find out the benefits of using emojis in your subject lines and how it would actually affect your email marketing goals. There are obvious pros and cons associated with emojis in emails. Although marketers claim that it Namibia B2B List open rates, if used too many times, it can even ruin your email marketing strategy. Therefore, you need to know when, why, and how to use emojis when working on your subject line. Let’s start with the benefits of using emojis in the subject line of your email.

Advantages Of Emojis

In the subject lines of emails Attract subscribers and improve open rate – this is undoubtedly the first advantage of using emojis in the subject line. Imagine reading a subject line with a winking emoji at the end. Wouldn’t it make you smile and want to know what email has in store for you? Exciting and easy emojis can help you increase the opening of your emails. 56% of brands that use emoji in their email subject lines saw a higher unique open rate. Improve brand visibility: When you include an emoji in the subject line of your email, regardless of the opening or relevance to the audience, they will remember your brand. You would be in their best retreats.

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Adapts to mobile screen size: You just can’t forget that your audience is present on mobile and tends to open your emails on mobile. You may want to make sure your subject lines are immediately visible when your subscriber opens the email on their phone. With a limit of 40 characters, using emojis can help you save a large number of characters and be visible on mobile devices at the same time. It is more expressive: When you have emojis in the subject line of the email, it helps to better convey what you want to express. The right emoji not only catches the eye, but also conveys the connected emotion with ease.

The Other Side Of The Use

Of emojis On the other hand, there are certain limitations that you may want to. Consider before using emojis in email subject lines. Opening emails on different operating systems: The first thing you need to make sure of. When sending emails with emojis in the subject line, is that your subscribers can see it. The subscriber can open the email on a Windows XP client or on an Android phone. Emojis use a Unicode character, which different operating systems interpret differently. Let’s take a look at how each operating system reads an email with emoji in the subject line. When it comes to Windows XP or Windows 7 based devices. You will notice very limited support extended towards emojis.

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