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But this article is not about Einstein, the (real) scientist, but about Einstein, the (real) role in Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC). Specifically, it’s Einstein Send Time Optimization, one of the most exciting new additions to SFMC Journey Builder. To ensure the success of an email marketing campaign, every email marketer should know that there is no one best time or day to send emails at all . Why? Because each subscriber engages with a brand’s emails at different times or on different days. That’s why marketers need to find the best (or most optimal) time for each subscriber. Only then will they be able to increase the audience of their emails. But doing this manually is impossible. This is where Einstein Send Time Optimization can be a real game changer for email marketers.

So if you ‘re an email developer or email marketer looking for a powerful way to predict the best send times for your subscriber base, this article is for you. Hire a team of SFMC experts to help you manage your email campaign What is Einstein Jamaica WhatsApp Number List Time Optimization ? In simpler terms, Einstein Send Time Optimization (STO) in SFMC Journey Builder is a way to automatically determine the best time (that is, the optimal) to send an email to a subscriber. This automation, which is powered by machine learning, allows email marketing managers to predict when each contact in the journey is most likely to engage with an email in the next 24 hours.

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Of different factors and criteria, in addition to the most recent weekly engagement data for each contact (‘one-to-one analysis’), the Einstein STO Journey Builder activity helps marketers and email developers increase interaction with email and push notifications. One of the keys to the success of Einstein STO predictions is modeling . Based on its powerful data analytics capabilities, Einstein STO recreates a shipping model for shipments with the commercial shipping classification to predict optimal shipping times so the message is more likely to be opened. Einstein STO is available with SFMC Corporate, Enterprise, or Pro editions with the Journey Builder add-on. To access Einstein STO (if available in your SFMC license), click the Einstein tab in the navigation bar.

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The Einstein STO Journey Builder activity is available under Flow Controls in the SFMC Client Journey Builder . Drag and drop the ‘Einstein STO’ activity immediately before any email Activity in the trip stream. For multiple emails in a customer journey creation flow, drag and drop the ‘Einstein STO’ activity before each email activity. How does Einstein Send Time Optimization work ? Einstein STO uses 90 days of email interaction data (history) within. The company (top-level tenant in SFMC Email Studio) to determine. The best time within the next 24 hours to send an email to each contact. It collects data on about 20 factors such as: Participation behavior: send, click, open, unsubscribe, spam complaints. Associated timestamps and Data and metadata about customer sending patterns and how campaigns are executed.

It Then Uses Machine Learning

To assign a weight to each factor according to that factor’s ‘influence’ in predicting future interaction behavior. It then analyzes this data and, for each contact. Since clients’ sending patterns vary widely, Einstein STO makes use of ‘parameter sets’ that are best to different patterns. A parameter selector then bases its decision on the variation in shipping and opening patterns over 90 days of history. Each client’s model is on only that client’s data. Einstein STO uses this data to recommend optimal email send times that are most likely to generate opens.

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