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Sender Authentication Package or SAP is a set of tools provided by Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) to provide brand services to customers. It matches the customer’s domain and ensures that emails are to end customers. SAP must be additionally to enhance the brand value of customers. These tools are to brand the domain, image, and links. SAP (Sender Authentication Package) consists of the following features: IP – This is an IP address that can only by a single sender (domain) and is not with other senders. The sender is responsible for building the reputation of the IP address and maintaining it. It is to use IP in case the email volume is more than 250k/month.

There can be multiple IP addresses with a Salesforce Marketing cloud business unit. IP addresses with or without SAP. Private domain – Domain names are user-friendly names with an IP address. A private Georgia WhatsApp Number List can be purchased separately to indicate higher security and increase customer confidence. The private domain acts as the From address in your email. Can for landing pages or emails. A single business unit can have multiple private domains configured as part of the setup. The private domain can be purchased with or without SAP.

Image Wrapping This Feature

helps your images provide references to authenticated customer domains instead of the Marketing Cloud reference. It comes with the Marketing Cloud SAP package and cannot be separate. Link Wrapping – This feature helps links in the Salesforce template and provides referrals to custom domains instead of the marketing cloud referral. It comes with the Marketing Cloud SAP package and cannot be. Reply Mail Management – ​​This feature helps decide and respond to email responses from subscribers. Examples are Out of Office, Unsubscribe Request, etc.

Georgia WhatsApp Number List

This comes as part of the Marketing Cloud SAP package and can also as an individual item without SAP (Sender Authentication Package) Hire a team of SFMC experts to help you manage your email campaign To visually explain the concept of SAP (Sender Authentication Package), we will look at an example from a recent email from Grammarly. Grammarly Email The image above shows the following aspects of SAP: 1. SAP Domain – The SAP domain mentioned in the above email is ‘ sent.grammarly.com ‘. 2. Reply Mail Management [RMM] – This is listed as “No Reply” along with a long email address.

This Comes As Part Of Sap

In the Marketing Cloud. 4. Image Adjustment – ​​The link to the image points to the Grammarly domain instead of the Marketing cloud link. The email images are by the chosen authentication domain, ie Grammarly. 5. Link encapsulation – All links in the email point towards the authenticated domain, i.e. grammatically instead of marketing cloud links. Domain and Configuration Options If there is an implementation partner or vendor helping the customer to implement a Marketing Cloud project, the implementation partner must perform the SAP configuration with the help of the customer’s IT team. They must contact Salesforce directly to complete this exercise. The first step in the process is to purchase SAP from Salesforce.

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