Examples From Brands That Are Winning in Content Marketing Canada Mobile Number

At CMI, we have always taken the mission of promoting content marketing practices seriously. And one of the best ways we know about honing our skills and expanding our vision of what’s possible was set by some of the best and best practitioners in the industry. Follow the example.

Follow the advice of many well-known industry professionals who politely share insights across our blog posts, content marketing world sessions, and social media forums. But today, we’re proud to introduce you to some of the hottest new experts, winners and finalists of this year’s Content Marketing Awards.


For the 13th year , the Awards Program recognizes the remarkable achievements of content marketers in its span strategy, distribution, design, and editorial categories. This year, 96 winners were selected from more than 1,000 applications.


In addition to the category winners, four Best In-Show Awards were awarded at a special ceremony held at Content Marketing World on September 6th.

  • Project of the Year
  • Agency of the Year (less than 100 employees)
  • Agency of the Year (more than 100 employees)
  • This year’s content marketer

If you’re looking for inspiration to advance your own content marketing practices, it’s a good idea to review some of the notable achievements of Project of the Year winners and finalists.


Frontline education

(Winners: Content Marketing Project of the Year, Best Content Marketing Program, Finalists: Best Content Marketing Program in Technology, Best Content Strategy) “Changing the Game” begins to explain 2016 for front-line education Is almost nonexistent. It was a year that brought a major brand change to a software company with Canada Mobile Number a history of nearly 20 years, with multiple new solutions and personas, a transition from direct mail to a powerful digital marketing program, and aggressive growth goals.
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When Frontline clarified its focus on the education market from kindergarten to high school, its marketing department was tasked with generating one-third of the company’s sales pipeline. The team addressed this goal by building and documenting content marketing strategies such as mission statements, persona profiles, topic repositories, and editorial calendars, informing, educating, and inspiring educational leaders. The team leveraged original industry data from customer interviews, internal subject matter experts, and another content marketing initiative, the Frontline Research & Learning Institute, to drive market-related topics.


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Thanks to the crack design team and industry-leading execution and analysis, the content was delivere as follows:

  • Marketing exceeded that goal and generated 32% of the company’s new business.
  • Content has been steadily involve and increase involvement in new market areas. In one area (professional growth), Frontline increased click open rates by 195%.
  • Despite the large amount of marketing emails, the value of the content led to a very low (<0.7%) opt-out rate when it comes to the value of the content.
  • Not only did their content receive frequent praise from company leadership, but prospects sent emails to thank Frontline for their content.

AARP, The Magazine

(Winners: Best Association Publications, Best Digital Publications-Design, Finalists: Project of the Year, Best Youth of Photography)

AARP The Magazine may be aime at readers over the age of 50, but it has achieve the second highest number of readers in printed matter and won the title of the country’s largest consumer magazine at a base rate. Certainly not relying on my grandmother’s content marketing strategy to do so. (22 million households will receive it).

AARP believes that it focuses on topics that have a direct impact on the lives of its readers as a key element of growth success. For example, over the past year, organizations have expanded the range of services available to older people. It includes guidance on managing the use of new technologies in our lives and helpful tips on how to stay healthy, hipster and financially safe when new technologies are reache. And the unfamiliar stage of their lives.


With a total readership of over 37 million and 54% of its members reading three or four of the last four questions, AARP assesses success and sets editorial directions. You don’t have to rely solely on hard data to do this. Listen to the strong voice of the ever-expanding community of fans and followers who share ardent praise in countless emails, letters and social posts. The baby boomer generation may no longer be the largest demographic in the United States, but more than 50 sets are still tremendous, both socially and in demand for content that directly addresses unique situations and information needs. Demonstrate persuasive power. AARP’s consistent commitment to meet the evolving needs of its viewers in an attractive, entertaining and useful way is a testament to its overall brand value.

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