SFMC: Creating Customer-Centric Experiences In Real Time

A customer-centric business is about providing a positive customer experience before and after the sale. This approach works wonders to drive repeat purchase and improve business growth while improving customer loyalty. Simply put, a customer-centric approach is a business strategy that is based on the principle of putting your customers first to facilitate a positive experience and build a lasting relationship with your customer base. In fact, customers are at the core of your business and using platforms like Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you gain a wealth of data that can give you deep insights into your customer. As a result, you will improve the overall customer experience in the following ways.

Hire a team of SFMC experts to help you manage your email campaign Extensive customer data helps you understand customers’ buying behavior, interests, and level of engagement. It gives you opportunities to create products and services that are better suited to your customer base. It allows you to leverage customer lifetime value, helping Malta B2B List segment customers based on their spending power. Furthermore, since customer-centric businesses become 60% more profitable than non-customer-centric businesses, customer-centricity is the need of the hour. However, with increasing digital advances, a new way to adapt the customer-centric approach involves interacting with customers in real time.

It May Seem Like

A challenge in and of itself, but you can do it like a pro through personalized messaging. In short, to create strong, personalized customer interaction in real time, you need to share relevant customer data across multiple platforms and align your sales team to engage with your customer base on a personal level. Next, Here are some helpful tips to help you create real-time, customer-centric experiences with the help of Salesforce Marketing Cloud; check it out: 1. Work on data unification Talking to numerous customers in real time requires a lot of data. That’s why today’s marketers use multiple data sources to extract as much information as possible about their customer base.

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In fact, with the average number of data source usage increasing by 25% from 2018 to 2019, data mining demand is certainly at an all-time high. However, with customer data structured across different departments, accessing all the data at the same time becomes difficult for marketers. In a nutshell, leveraging multiple data sources is no easy task. Therefore, to achieve seamless real-time interaction with the customer base, it is essential to work on data unification. In other words, In this context, you can make use of Audience Studio, which was previously known as Salesforce DMP. Help marketers gain deep insights about customers by unifying and capturing their database.

Overall, It Functions

As a robust data management platform that strengthens customer relationships across every touch point. Here’s a broader look at its various features. Help in complete data profiling It helps combine data from a large number of resources, helping you deliver a more personalized marketing experience. Facilitates unified data capture It not only captures and stores data, but also unifies it. Work on precise segmentation It uses machine learning. Artificial intelligence to target your customer base in a precise and effective way. In short, when you have customer data unified with you, interacting with your customers in real time becomes seamless and seamless.

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