Exploring The Trend of Geometric Shapes In Email Design

Emails evolve every day. By the time you write, post, and read this blog, the email marketing industry will have accomplished another feat. Whether it’s in the field of email content, email delivery platforms, or email design, change is constant. Although each organization has an inclination or preference for a particular type of design, the trends apply to all. One such trend that is making waves recently is the use of geometric shapes in email design. Your phone is a rectangle, the traffic sign you see on the roads is a triangle, etc. These geometric shapes are such a part of our daily lives that we take these routine shapes for granted, but we certainly pay attention to the message they convey, as our brain signals us that the message within the shape is important.

This is precisely why geometric shapes can be used in emails to subtly deliver the context of the message to the viewer or subscriber and make it easier for them to fulfill the purpose of the communication. Let’s see how to do it the right way. Types of Italy WhatsApp Number List shapes to consider Let’s take a look at some of the common geometric shapes and how they are generally perceived. • Circles All elliptical shapes denote infinity or infinity. These shapes do not have an end or a beginning, they can be used to represent a harmonious and smooth workflow. Order, eternity, universe, majestic, mystery are the few other meanings associated with this shape.

This Email From Vivino

Is great for many reasons. One is the way they’ve handled circles, squares, and rectangles all in one design without letting them overpower white balance and text. Second, they put illustrations in circular shapes, set the CTA inside the rectangles, and the brand element in a square. A perfectly balanced design! geometric forms Source • Squares and rectangles The straight lines and right angles in these two forms give a sense of reliability and strength. Courage, discipline, durability and security are some other meanings that squares and rectangles communicate.

Italy WhatsApp Number List

Litmus has sent out this newsletter about the success of their event, and they have used squares as frames to display the event images, denoting their purpose of communicating the success of their event and showing their strengths to gain viewer trust. newsletter images Source • Triangles This is a powerful shape that denotes direction and stability when pointed up and symbolizes dangerous situations or a fall when reversed. This form denotes movement, speed, excitement, direction, balance, risk, and danger. In this email from Strava, they have sent a report of monthly user statistics.

Here, They Have Used

Triangles to show growth, eventually denoting service usage. shape of triangles in email Source • Polygons Pentagons, Hexagons. Octagons are some examples of polygons that can be in email layouts. Although individually they represent nothing, the many sides of this shape. To denote a long procedure in a much more simplified way. These shapes, when used in patterns, denote rigor, quality, and hard work. Circle Harmony Order Eternity Universe Majestic Mystery Triangle Direction Stability Movement Emotion Risk Danger Square Courage Discipline. Durability Safety Strength Reliability Harnessing the Power of Geometric Shapes in Email Design. The success of any design depends on how the viewer perceives the visual and emotions subsequent. Corresponding actions.

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