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Selling services is sometimes still a stumbling block for many entrepreneurs and marketers. Many people don’t like to sell. But what if you can sell in a way that doesn’t feel like selling at all? That is exactly what you can achieve if you sell advisory in a smart way.

What is advisory selling?

Consultative selling (also called consultative selling ) is a strategy in which you as a selling party do not so much push a message, but advise your potso that he or she can make the best possible decision. It is a way of selling that actively thinks along with customers to find the most suitable solution at that time.

Consultative selling is characterized by asking questions Wuhan Mobile Phone Number instead of pushing a product or service. By thoroughly understanding a situation, customers are better served and they are more likely to see the value of the service that is associated with it.

Challenges as a starting point

This way of selling is therefore based on the challenges of a customer instead of your offer. You first examine what the customer’s situation looks like and only then how your offer fits in well with it.

You are, as it were, the doctor who makes a diagnosis and who then writes out a prescription to remedy the ailment. That puts you in a completely different position mentally and gives the buyer a completely different perception: you are no longer an annoying seller, but you are a specialist with authority.

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A cycle of 5 steps

The process of advisory selling can be seen as a cycle. It consists of 5 steps that you go through together with a customer:

  1. Connect : without pitching right away.
  2. Understanding needs : you invest time in this before you make an offer.
  3. Discussing needs : you link the needs to an offer that corresponds to this.
  4. Closing a deal : where the customer makes a decision that helps them move forward.
  5. Building a lasting relationship : Don’t focus on the transaction, but on long-term value.





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