How Uncommon Goods Sends Unusual Emails

Traditional email newsletters and one-time email campaigns still serve their purposes, but what makes modern email marketing such an advanced communication channel is how, over time, emails have become involved in the market. establishment of connections. Emails are essential in all business verticals, but the industry that is creating the most friction with email marketing is eCommerce. When it comes to getting the most out of email marketing, Uncommon Goods, the unique and crafty gift retailer, knows how to keep your email game strong by leveraging email automation best practices. Marketing automation is all about relevance-rich targeting, and when it comes to personalization, nothing beats emails.

Automated emails are said to generate 320% more revenue than non-automated ones, and if this isn’t a number that can widen your eyes, we don’t know what can… Uncommon Goods sends a series of emails throughout the customer journey under different email marketing campaigns. Let’s explore the types of email campaigns they run and what the best Spain WhatsApp Number List of their email template designs are. How Uncommon Goods achieves its email campaigns On average, Uncommon Goods sends 27 emails a month. Although the frequency may seem like a lot, they use smart segmentation to target different email lists with different email campaign blurb.

Let’s See How

They do it… 1. ‘New this week’ series Uncommon Goods keeps updating their product categories, and to let their subscribers know about new arrivals, they send regular emails. The ‘New Arrival’ or ‘New This Week’ series includes product images with a short description and price. The series is segmented based on newcomers that can trigger a high number of views online. Take a look at their email designs. The subtle GIF element adds to the awesomeness. product image in email product email template image 2. ‘Pre-order’ series The next email series Uncommon Goods is running is one to build a buzz for!

Spain WhatsApp Number List

Ecommerce is all about pushing your potential customers further down the conversion funnel, and just like educating them, pre-ordering is a tactic eCommerce stores use to grab attention before the product even arrives. These emails are helpful in predicting buyer responses when it comes to introducing a new product. The goal behind these emails is to understand purchase intent, manage distribution and orders, inventory, user demographics, and more. That’s how Uncommon Goods does it with GIFs that make email even more engaging. New arrival product picture Email Template Example 3. The “sale” ads The average conversion rate for an eCommerce website is 2.86%. While email marketing remains the channel that generates the most ROI.

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To is that brands should announce their sales offers, discounts and other price drop alerts through emails to maximize revenue. It needs to be seen in order to sell, and the reason is that most businesses, including rare products. Never miss an opportunity to let their subscribers know about an upcoming or ongoing sale. Check out these GIF email template designs that send… they send… next cell image in email winter sale email template 4. One for the Community Giving back to the community you belong to is a great way to increase goodwill. Corporate social responsibility not only gives you credibility. But also increases your base of loyal customers who care deeply about social issues. The well-being of the community.

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