Google Analytics is as Important as Google

A sitemap will make the website easier to find by search engines and indexed with a faster process. Sitemap consists of 2 kinds, namely xml which is used to be accessed by browsers or search engines and html which can be accessed from visitors.


7. Install google analytics

google analytics is as important as google

search console in seo techniques in increasing website traffic.

If google search console functions as to check the ability or performance of a website in search, this is different with google analytics.

Google analytics helps you to see the movement of Greece Phone Number website visitors from the first page that is opened to the page where your visitors end their visit on the website.

These tools can also help you monitor what things on the page are effective at generating conversions and which ones are less desirable.

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8. Increase website speed ​​& user experience

one of the things that can improve seo ranking is to increase website speed. Because people are lazy to open or visit the website, the page load on the website takes a long time to open.

So, don’t let this happen to your website because it can make your seo performance in vain. For that, increase the speed of your website so that it doesn’t take long to load so that your website visitors have the potential to leave your website.

Then in 2021, google also plans to apply a ranking factor

to the user experience owned on a website which includes website speed.


in addition to optimizing seo on the onpage and offpage sides, you

also need to optimize your website on the technical side of your seo.

This is because technical seo can be the main foundation

on your website in supporting seo optimization activities on your onpage and offpage.

For more details about technical seo, you can apply

technical seo optimization methods as in the article that has been discussed.

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