Email Targeting: The Recipe For Great Email Marketing

ust like ‘one size doesn’t fit all’, everyone has different tastes. So, email marketing segmentation comes into play. ‘Segmentation’ in email marketing is like knowing the ‘exact measure’, of what ingredients should go into a dish, to make it totally delicious! According to a MarketingSherpa report, 32% of marketers aim to segment their email database in the next few years. This aligns email marketing with “quality” and “relevance.” To finally understand and achieve this, we must first understand the startup process. According to the Lyris email list segmentation chart below, email list segmentation helps increase open rates by up to 39%.

This happens because these emails have a higher ‘relevance’ to what the subscriber is looking for. For a customer to receive personalized, perfectly curated and engaging emails, it’s exactly like an appetizing, belly-filling dish with an explosion of flavours, just perfect. So no matter what your email marketing strategy is, you need to make segmentation Marshall Islands B2B List core component of it. list-segmentation-results Email segmentation is all about segmenting your email lists, according to various sections, based on customer behavior, geography, age, gender, recent purchases, etc. As a list-building activity, Organic Aromas increased newsletter subscriptions by 150% when they made use of smartly designed pop-ups for lead generation.

Email Design Also Plays

An important role in attracting and retaining customers. Bright, colorful and easy-to-read email templates can go a long way in helping conversions. Therefore, the first step to achieving a great open and click rate through your email marketing strategy should be to divide your list according to these segments: Geography Matters Geographic targeting is one of the easiest ways to split and branch leads based on their location, which should make this parameter an important part of your email segmentation strategy. This process helps create small pieces that are easy to cover and observe. In turn, this helps to collect quality information from the target area and from the customer.

Marshall Islands B2B List

Thus boosting open and click rates. Targeting according to weather conditions, cultural preferences, religion, language, topography, and demographics can be part of this segment to improve open and click rates. Nordstrom email marketing campaign Gender Bifurcation Gender plays an important role in email content curation and template design. Men and women have different tastes and preferences and catering to that is exactly what will drive your email opens. Therefore, your email marketing strategy should focus on segmenting emails according to male and female customers and providing them with relevant products. You can send different emails like J.

Crew Has Done In The Email

Examples below or even have an email template that targets both men. Women like mini Boden did in the email example below. J-Crew-Male-email list segmentation J-Crew-Female-email list segmentation email marketing templates_mini-boden Set age bars. Sending relevant emails to customers. Taking note of their age bar can really help increase engagement rates opening your emails. A 14-year-old wouldn’t want an email addressed to a 50-year-old and vice versa. It’s just not relevant unless in certain cases. Knowing the ‘age’ of your customer is an important aspect for a better connection. So that you can send relevant information for better open and click results.

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