17 Lead Magnet Ideas And Examples To Grow Your Email List

Do you want to grow your email list to 1K, 5K, 10K and more? You’re going to need a really good lead magnet. Mary Fernandez, founder of Persuasion Nation, lists 17 proven lead magnet ideas to grow your email list (with examples). Before we dive into lead magnet ideas, let’s talk strategy. It’s important to understand why you’re creating a lead magnet in the first place and what makes some lead magnets convert 1,000% better than others. First of all, what is a lead magnet? Why are lead magnets so important to growing your email list? What is a Lead Magnet? A lead magnet (also known as an “opt-in bribe”) is a valuable resource that a website gives away for free in exchange for the website visitor’s email address.

In other words, instead of asking visitors to “subscribe to our email list.” (which isn’t very appealing), a lead magnet says, “Here’s something awesome for free – opt in!” In addition to growing your email list at an exponentially higher rate, lead magnets have another great benefit. The right lead magnet will attract very specific people who would be ideal customers and induce them to become leads. This maximizes your email marketing efforts by ensuring Singapore B2B List each and every lead is a high-quality lead for your business. So what makes it the most effective lead magnet? Here are some criteria to consider… 7 things every lead magnet must have to get the most income and sales You need to attract your ideal customer – If your lead magnet solves a specific problem that your ideal customer has, you are sure to attract the right people.

It Should Attract

Anyone else ; Conversely, you don’t want to attract the wrong people, so avoid generic lead magnets that attract everyone (eg, “Enter your email for our iPad giveaway!”). Must be valuable – Offering something of little perceived value, like a “newsletter,” isn’t going to cut it here. Make sure your lead magnet has significant value! It should be immediately consumable – People want instant gratification, so you need to make sure your lead magnet is immediately downloadable or accessible. It should NOT take a lot of effort to consume – If your lead magnet sounds like something that will take a long time to digest, like an e-book, people won’t want to go for it. You have to promise quick results , even if you offer it for free, you still have to “sell” your lead magnet.

Singapore B2B List

Why should someone download it? What result will it produce for the consumer, and how quickly can you achieve that result? It must produce quick results ; Although this point does not affect your subscription fees per se, it can have a profound effect on eventual sales. Getting people to sign up for your email list is just the first step; now you have to convince your subscribers that you have the solution they are looking for. Okay, now that you understand the power of lead magnets and what makes one good, let’s dive into lead magnet ideas and examples to get you inspired.

The Possibilities Are Virtually

Limitless, but we’ve narrowed them down to the 17 best types of lead magnets that have been shown to convert… 1. Reference sheet or checklist Arguably the most effective lead magnet of all is the PDF cheat sheet or checklist. Marketers in all niches trust this simple yet powerful lead magnet to grow their email lists to tens of thousands and beyond. Why does the cheat sheet or checklist convert so well? Going back to the criteria listed above, the cheat sheet or checklist gets every point right. It’s specific, it’s downloadable, it’s easy to consume, and it’s ridiculously easy to follow and get results. All you have to do is check the items in the list! Here is an example of a Pinterest SEO checklist that outlines the simple steps to take to increase your Pinterest views: grow email list cheat sheet.

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