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A guide for businesses Written by by Mahnoor Sheikh Published on May 23. 2022 Reading time 7 minutes Share Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Email Copy Link Facebook Messenger is a cross-platform instant messaging app developed by Facebook (now Meta). With nearly 1 billion monthly users. Messenger can be an indispensable marketing tool for brands looking to connect with customers on Facebook. In this article. we’ll walk you through the benefits of Facebook


Messenger for business. and how to use it to build relationships with customers and sell products. We’ve also included some tips and best practices to help you make the most of this feature. Let’s get started. Why use Facebook Messenger for business Facebook Messenger can be an integral part of your Facebook marketing strategy if you know how to use it right. It’s the most popular messenger app in the US. with 82% of consumers claiming they use it regularly for instant messaging purposes.

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Some specific ways Facebook Messenger can benefit your business: 1. Generating high-quality leads Customers might reach out to you on Facebook for many reasons. but one thing is clear—they have displayed an active interest in Georgia Phone Numbers your business by doing so. This is a chance for your brand to generate leads and nurture them into customers by holding meaningful conversations. This could involve educating interested people about your products or services. answering their questions. addressing feedback and more.

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You can also set up Facebook ads targeting potential customers and encourage them to get in touch with you via messages. Hyundai Australia. for example. reduced their cost per lead by 27% by running Messenger ads that prompted users to get in touch for a test drive. interactions with customers on facebook messenger for business 2. Providing exceptional customer service Bad customer service can make you lose business.

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But if you’re wondering exactly how much. Zendesk’s 2022 report shows that 61% of customers will walk away from a brand after just one poor customer service experience. Using apps like Facebook Messenger for customer service can help you save some of that potential revenue. Not only are you able to provide fast and efficient responses to customer queries. but you are also giving them a personalized. private platform to voice their thoughts and concerns.


The 2022 Sprout Social Index™. the platform. US consumers and brands use most for customer service is Facebook. customer service and social media platforms 3. Enabling convenient purchases and transactions. Facebook Messenger is great for holding conversations. but it can also help streamline the customer journey. By making transactions a breeze. Customers can make purchases. book appointments. check-in. apply for refunds more directly through the app. In the

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