How do you get out of that natural

How do you get out of that natural tendency to be busy all the time? By honestly looking at what is hidden behind the daily hustle and bustle. And by being honest about what motivates us, so we can make different choices about how and with whom we spend our time.

The fact that we are all so ‘busy’ is also reinforced by all the classic time management methods. They are all about ‘doing as much as possible, in as little time as possible’. Being productive etc. “Be the best version of yourself.” But does that make us happier?

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“Rarely are the methods aimed at Taiwan Phone Number getting rest, building meaningful relationships with others and maintaining the question ‘how do you contribute most to this world’”, writes Arjan Broere . The advice is not to enter into this race to always do better.

In his article, in which he discusses the book ‘4,000 Weeks – Your Time on Earth and How to Manage It’, he shares some helpful tips. One of them:

  • Decide where you are going to fail. Undertake strategically. What are you allowed to do or not do moderately or poorly given the work to which you are really committed?

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practice with ‘doing nothing

And besides: practice with ‘doing nothing’. That seems to be quite difficult. When I look at myself, I never sit still. Sitting on the couch and watching a movie is already ‘difficult’ for me. But that does bring relaxation. On, on, on is not the key to happiness. So work a little less, but do what you do do, better.

There is never a lack of time, but there is a lack of priority. – Matthias Laqueur

He did an experiment within his company with a 4-day working week, for a full-time fee. Judging by the comments below the article, opinions and ideas about this are divided. Of course, to get this done, you need to work on your productivity. Which can actually make you feel busier again. Even though the concept of the 4-day working week sounds so interesting… Would this work for you?


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