How Gif Banner Ads Can Give You An Edge

Animated GIFs have become an integral part of our lives. They have not only replaced phrases in a chat message, but have made communication fun and lively. While we’ve gotten so used to GIFs on social media like Facebook and Twitter, they’ve also been dominating digital ads for quite some time. Since their introduction in the 1980s, GIFs have come a long way in their purpose, creation methods, and dissemination. One such development is its use in web banner ads. With banners becoming mandatory for businesses, especially those that deal primarily with online shopping, it’s a challenging period for marketers to stay afloat and make an impact with experiential media.

GIFs are the saviors here. The best part about an animated GIF ad is that it sits in the sweet spot between a video and an image, making it accessible and less cluttered than a video. While GIFs do have some shortcomings, we’ll tell you how to overcome them, how to make an impact, and how to make the most of them in your day-to-day marketing campaign. Psychological impact of GIF commercials The main reason GIFs are eye-catching Philippines WhatsApp Number List visually rich is that they are moving images. Additionally, they have the potential to render more content in less space compared to a static image. Whether it’s a carousel of summer dresses or a montage of Istanbul must-sees, GIFs have the ability to communicate a message more powerfully. A Giphy user, on average, spends at least 2 hours a day viewing GIF content.

This Shows That Gifs

Inevitably impact human beings in some way. Coming to GIF ads, let’s see how these animated ads impact website visitors. Impact consumer behavior GIFs engage the consumer and, if targeted in the right way, often convert prospects into leads. GIFs have the ability to push the consumer to make a purchase decision by incorporating small directional and trigger cues towards the CTA and impacting their actions. Create a favorable condition for the pitch. Seeing a banner ad quite often subconsciously familiarizes the audience with the brand. And when it comes time for the big launch, they’re more likely to convert than a viewer who hasn’t seen your ads before. Almost 54% of visitors do not trust a banner ad because they suspect that it is clickbait.

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But GIFs have the ability to shock the audience and register. The message even if they don’t directly request immediate action. This is precisely why familiarizing the audience with subtle. GIF banner ads and gaining their trust subconsciously reverses their psychology. Interactive email Overcome banner blindness with GIFs favorable condition in email Source. Tom Fishbourne Just like you want to get the most out of your banner ads. There are thousands of people who are probably a few steps ahead or behind you. With so much banner content on the market, most of the audience will not pay attention to your ad, especially if it is static. GIFs have the upper hand here as they stand out. Are probably the only solution to banner blindness.

How To Incorporate GIF

Banner ads into your marketing Size Matters Banner ads come in all sizes. As there is no single formula for all animated GIF ads. The basic banner sizes are as follows: banner size in email Common web banner sizes In addition to being affordable. Effective, GIFs are easily integrated into all marketing platforms. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or emails, you’ll see banner ads every day. But the ones you actually look at would be mostly in GIF format. When it comes to file size, the smaller the file, the better. In general, it is recommended to keep the file size below 150 kb.

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