How Marketo Can Be The Perfect Automation Tool

With all its powerful tools, Marketo helps you execute a holistic marketing approach and generate higher revenue with faster growth. Many businesses don’t have the resources, technology, and processes to achieve their goals, so investing in Marketo’s automation tool may be a great idea for you. This raises the most basic question: “Why automate”? So let’s start by addressing why marketing automation is all the rage right now. Importance of automation Marketing automation is fundamentally a technology with the help of which companies can optimize, automate and measure their marketing tasks and workflows, thus increasing operational efficiency and generating better profits for the business. However, it is important to realize that it will produce results only if it is used for “good” marketing.

There has been a drastic change in the buying behavior of customers. While customers didn’t have many options for purchasing information in the past, today’s digital age has made customers more powerful than they used to be. The seller has Malta WhatsApp Number List control over the buying process like he used to. Let’s say you want to buy a refrigerator. You wouldn’t buy unless you’ve shopped around for the best model, reviewed customer ratings, and decided which make or model is right for you. Due to this change in customer behavior, marketing has become so important as it helps foster relationships and persuade potential customers to make a purchase. However, the problem with this solution is the lack of scalability.

All Customers Expect

Personalized and relevant communications from the brand, and if they don’t stay true to this demand, they will either opt out of communications or simply mislead you by opting out. Except for marketing automation, there is nothing else that can meet the demands of today ‘s customers . Before moving on to see how Marketo can be an ideal automation tool, we’ll look at the differences between CRM and Marketing Automation. Many professionals use these terms interchangeably and get confused about the functionalities. So, first of all, let’s clear up the confusion around the two technologies. CRM versus automation While CRM helps track opportunities and pipelines, manage contact and account information, marketing automation works to build strong customer relationships, automate marketing programs, and analyze their performance.

Malta WhatsApp Number List

CRM deals with sales and sales management with some aspects of marketing. With marketing automation, the focus is marketing and marketing management with a bit of sales. Marketing automation helps you communicate with groups and segments by sending personalized messages that are triggered based on their action. CRM, on the other hand, is more useful for sending individual communications from the sales executive to prospects or customers. The foundation of CRM software is transactional and database queries. Marketing automation is workflow with insights into behavioral data and analytic queries. CRM pricing is based on user seats, while marketing automation is based on the number of contacts.

Marketo Is The Perfect Choice

When looking for an automation tool to streamline all of your marketing processes and drive increased business revenue. Let’s take a look at the features it has to offer to understand how. Marketo Marketing Automation Tool Features 1. Segmentation The automation tool segments the list of prospects based on different variables set by you. It eliminates the need for any manual intervention and helps you save time and resources. 2. Email Marketing Marketo allows you to send triggered emails that are more relevant to your target audience and personalized based on their previous interaction. These automation workflows help drive faster conversions and higher revenue. 3. Deep CRM Integration Marketo lets you integrate CRM with automation for better data-driven insights automatically. It will improve your team’s productivity and help create, send and attract new leads.

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