How To Activate Google Safesearch For Pc And Android

Via the Google app: Open the app. Google app home page At the bottom right, tap the three dots for “More.” Google app account menu On the page that opens, go to Settings. Google app settings Select General. General Google app settings Scroll down until you see the SafeSearch option and tap the switch next to it. Conclusion SafeSearch is a simple and powerful tool to ensure your computer is protected from the worst kind of content the internet has to offer. However, keep in mind that since SeafeSearch uses AI, it may sometimes filter content that is useful to you which it categorizes as “Explicit Content”. That’s why it’s best to keep your search terms as specific as possible. Another workaround is to disable SafeSearch and just use incognito mode when searching for a topic you don’t want to show on your Internet History page.

Filtering search content on Android Through Chromium: Setting up the SafeSearch option on your mobile phone is virtually identical to the process followed on your PC, with a slightly different layout. Again, navigate to your Google account homepage on your Chrome browser. Google account phone page Scroll down to the Data and Personalization Afghanistan Phone Number List. Scroll down to the General Web Preferences section where you will find the Search Settings menu. Related: How to spell spreadsheets in Excel Google account data and personalization After tapping on “Search Settings”, select the “Filter Explicit Results” option that appears on the screen. Your new setting will be saved. Google app search settings To cancel SafeSearch on Android or PC, repeat the steps described above, and in the final step, simply deselect the options “Filter explicit results” or “SafeSearch” respectively.

Pc Search Content Filtering

The last option in this section is for search settings, which you need to click. Google search settings You will now be directed to the section of your Gmail profile that controls the level of filtering you want your internet searches to be filtered to. Click the box next to the words “Enable SafeSearch” near the top of the page. Google Safe Search Option Scroll down the page and click “Save” in the blue box at the bottom of the screen. A small window will appear confirming that your new preference has been saved. Save Google Safe Search Option Also, if you want to lock SafeSearch on your computer so that other people using the device cannot undo the SafeSearch setting, click on the blue words “Lock SafeSearch” and follow the instructions to confirm your Gmail identity first, then confirm that you want to turn on the lock.

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The Internet is the global information highway. This means that in addition to the tons of useful stuff available online for your daily consumption, there is an equal amount of disturbing and dangerous content that you want to stay away from when researching your needs online. This unwanted content is an accidental search term away from appearing in your Google search history and becoming part of your online profile data. Fortunately, Google gives you the option to filter out objectionable content when using its search engine. PC Search Content Filtering Access your Google account by first going to your main Gmail page. Tap your profile picture in the upper right corner and select the Google account tab highlighted in blue. On the new page that opens, click on the “Data and personalization” option located on the left.

Filtering Search Content On Android

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