How To Automatically Mute Websites In Firefox

If you accidentally whitelisted a website, click the “Remove” button next to it. Related: How to find and save your Steam screenshots The add-on does what it claims to do. Users may want the add-on to prevent videos from autoplaying as well, but that’s just not what it was designed to do. It is not an exact replica of the new Safari feature that will come in High Sierra. You will need a different add-on to prevent videos from autoplaying. The only improvement the add-on needs is to not automatically whitelist an app just because you re-enabled a tab. A user might, on occasion, watch a video on a website that they normally don’t care about, but that shouldn’t leave the door open for the website to play the audio every time it’s opened in a tab.

You can reactivate a website by right-clicking on the tab and selecting “Reactivate” from the context menu. This has an unintended side effect. The website is whitelisted so the next time you visit the same domain, the add-on will not deactivate it. Mute sites by default mute audio only. This does not prevent videos from playing automatically. Websites Japan Phone Number List autoplay videos will continue to play them without any sound. Whitelist Websites You can whitelist websites in two ways. The first is to simply re-enable a tab when it has been disabled. The domain will automatically be added to the whitelist. The second is to go to the add-ons settings. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+A to open the Add-ons Manager in Firefox. Click the Options button next to the add-on. Enter a URL and click the Add button to add a website to the whitelist.

Whitelist Websites

Websites that are online portals for news networks like the CNN website often have a video that accompanies a news story. These videos play automatically whether you like it or not. Nobody really stops to think that maybe a person visits a news website to read the news instead of hearing it. That’s not to say the videos shouldn’t be there, just that they shouldn’t autoplay. In macOS High Sierra, Safari will automatically stop autoplaying videos. If you’re using Firefox, you can achieve something similar with Ignore Default Sites. It can automatically mute audio on websites. Skip Default Sites is a Firefox add-on that shuts down all tabs by default. It doesn’t stop at checking if a tab is playing video or sound. He just mutes it. Automatically mute websites Install the add-on and you are good to go. All tabs you open will have a mute icon.

Japan Phone Number List

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Automatically Mute Websites

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