How To Change Website Font Size In Google Chrome

Note that changing the font dimensions is a different tactic than zooming in on part of the web page. In the case of the latter, the size of the lettering remains the same, but you can view a close-up of parts of a page by scrolling back and forth. Conclusion People from all walks of life with all kinds of visual problems use the Internet, and domain owners usually design their sites to cater for the majority. If you happen to be in the minority for whom a site’s font size is an issue, you can use Chrome’s multiple font size options feature to improve your browsing experience.

Chrome settings page (2) The page will display a list of options related to the display of websites. Next to the Font Size option is a list of options you can choose from. The font size is set to Medium by default, but you can change it to Extra Small, Small, Large, or Extra Large. Chrome appearance settings Whichever option you choose, it will Italy Phone Number List be saved as a new font size setting. When you return to the website you were originally surfing on, you will find that the layout has been automatically changed by Chrome to accommodate the new font size. Related: How to add and manage dictionaries on Chrome Effect on website Keep in mind that changing the font size can have a drastic effect on the look of the site you’re browsing, especially if it has a ton of embedded videos and image links.

Effect On Website

At the top of the page is the address bar containing the name of the website, and to the left of the bar is a padlock icon. This icon means that the website you are currently surfing on is safe to surf. Chrome padlock icon options Click on the padlock and you will see a list of options appear in a drop-down menu. Click the Site Settings option at the bottom of the list next to a gear icon. You can also click on the three dots in the upper right corner of Chrome and select the Settings option from the drop-down menu. You can change a variety of options relating to site appearance, security, and more using this page.

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We live in a time when books still exist. And most casual internet users tend to think of websites as very long books. But the truth is that websites are constantly evolving, interactive portals that can change in size and shape to suit your convenience. Take font size, for example, which is the size of the text that appears on your screen whenever you open a website. Changing the font size Go to Google Chrome and open any website you want to explore and change the font size. For now, however, navigate to the section in the left-hand corner of the page titled “Appearance.”

Changing The Font Size

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