How To Check If A Job Description Is Discriminatory [Chrome]

In some cases, it may be outright sexism. In other cases, the job description can be vague using words like “guru”, “dazzle”, and “magic”. If a job description is no problem, Joblint will give you the green light. If you’ve worked in the tech industry, or any other industry, this extension hasn’t been a must for a few years. Once you’ve spent a few years working and applying for jobs, you understand what a good detailed job description is. If you’re new, fresh out of college, and just starting your job search, this extension can help you avoid places that might not offer the best work environment. Finally, while it’s a good idea to check whether a job description is discriminatory, always look at the results objectively. Make sure the errors reported in the job description are actually discriminatory and not the result of the algorithm’s own limitations.

With jobs, it’s not just the titles that can be vague. Sometimes job descriptions suffer the same fate. They are either too vague or downright discriminatory. For anyone unfamiliar with the red flags to look out for, Joblintis a Chrome extension that is worth checking out. It allows you to check whether a job description is discriminatory or not. This is Japan Phone Number List it works. Joblint works exclusively for technology jobs. He may be able to spot problems in job descriptions from other industries, but that’s just happen. Joblint scans the text of a job description. Open the job posting in a new tab. Select the description and right-click it. From the context menu, select “Check job description…”. A new window will open, highlighting any issues with the job description. Joblint highlights every occurrence of a discriminatory offense. It also tells you what’s wrong with the job description.

The Job Posting In A New Tab

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Japan Phone Number List

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Joblint Scans The Text Of A Job Description

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