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In 2019, Christmas sales grew 4.1% to $730.2 billion. This includes online and other out-of-store sales which were up 14.6% from the prior year. (source: National Retail Federation (NRF) Previous NRF research has also found that: On average, national (US) holiday sales have increased by 3.9% over the last 5 years. For some retailers, the holiday season can account for 30% of their annual sales. In the second quarter of 2020 alone, digital commerce grew by 71% . As the holiday season approaches, it’s important for marketers, particularly email marketers , to start planning their holiday messages well before shoppers start thinking about the twinkling lights of Christmas.

But when consumers are bombarded with ads and messages coming at them from a million different directions, email marketing success can seem like a constantly moving target. In the midst of this rush of holiday marketing campaigns, how Cameroon WhatsApp Number List emails stand out? Try Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC). SFMC provides a number of powerful features to help email marketers create profitable and memorable holiday marketing campaigns. But to take advantage of these features, email marketers and their Salesforce Certified Email Specialist should take advantage of the clever holiday email marketing tricks we discuss below.

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Your brand will be able to capitalize on increased customer spending during the holidays and stand out in the crowded holiday marketing landscape. Take a look at the Christmas email marketing examples we’ve included for inspiration! Let us manage your email campaigns at SFMC 1. Plan Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns Like Travel With Journey Builder With SFMC’s powerful Journey Builder tool , you can tell the story of the customer experience as you move through the journey through many touchpoints, from initial contact to purchase and beyond. From joining a rewards program and subscribing to a newsletter, to re-engaging an abandoned cart and increasing loyalty with a special offer email campaign, Journey Builder, when leveraged with integrated Salesforce templates , it can help improve engagement at every step of the customer journey.

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How can you take advantage of Journey Builder for your next holiday email marketing campaign? First, ditch the “one size fits all” strategy for email sends. Instead of a blanket campaign or one-time rollout that goes out in a day (“Black Friday Sale!”), create a series of emails or segmented emails. Also, assess how customers are engaging with your brand as they move through the journey. Especially ahead of the biggest events of the year. This can be done using Interaction Studio in SFMC, a real-time interaction management tool that can help you see how and where your customers are converting. This can help you optimize your email marketing programs before and even during the holiday season. Here are 4 journeys you can create to help you design an amazing Christmas marketing campaign.

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Car ride thanks trip Post-purchase trip Holiday Email Marketing Campaign Source 2. Personalize content for the holidays with the Live Weather Content Block is a feature in. SFMC Content Builder that allows personalized images based on local weather conditions to appear when a subscriber opens an email. How can you get the most out of Live Weather Content Block for your next holiday email marketing campaign? By taking advantage of local weather conditions, you can select content that is relevant to your subscribers while. Driving traffic to your store or website through your email message.

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