How To Customize The Appearance Of Subtitles On Netflix

If you’re going to put text on an image, remember one rule of thumb; white text with a black outline can be read on anything. The image, no matter how busy/dense it is, will not make the text unreadable. The same goes for subtitles; you obviously can’t have black subs on anything, but white doesn’t always look good either. Netflix supports subtitles in all of its apps. The default color in which Netflix displays subtitles is white. If you watch anime, white subtitles often get lost or hard to read. Here’s how to customize the look of subtitles on Netflix to make them easier to read. Netflix lets you change the color, font, and size of subtitles. It also lets you add a solid background behind the text and select the color of the background. You can also frame the background for better visibility.

Customization options are only available on the web interface but apply to all applications. Sign in to Netflix and click on your account tile in the top right corner. Select “Account Settings” from the menu. On the Account Settings page, scroll down UAE Mobile Number Database the “My Profile” section and select “Caption Appearance”. You can select a different font from the “Font” drop-down list. The font has a default shadow and you can completely disable it or change its direction. You can choose from three text sizes. To change the subtitle color, click the color box next to the “Font” drop-down list and select a color from one of the presets. To change the color of the drop shadow, click the color box next to the “Shadow” drop-down list.

Netflix To Make Them Easier To Read

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UAE Mobile Number Database

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Appearance Of Subtitles On Netflix, There Are Limitations

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