How To Disable An Entire Website In Chrome

Related: Hitman Scam: What It Is & How To Deal With It The Sound option is usually set to Automatic by default, which means that site audio files start playing automatically when you open the site. Click the drop-down menu to the right of Sound and choose Mute. The website will now have its audio muted. Muted site sound options If you want to restore the sound, repeat the steps above and choose the Automatic option for the sound this time. Conclusion These two simple methods are a great way to target specific sites that you want to hear less of, instead of constantly having to lower or mute your speaker each time you visit the site. Even though the pop-up ads will continue to run in the background, you can just scroll through them without having to watch or hear the ads go into their sales spiel.

Choose this option and the site audio will be restored. Via the URL address bar 1. Again, start by going to a site that has audio files you want to disable. 2. Next to the site address in the address bar at the top of the browser is a padlock icon. Click the padlock to access a new list of options related to site navigation. Mute site padlock icon 3. Navigate to the last item Vietnam Phone Number List the menu list, which is the Settings option next to the gear icon, and press Select. A new page will open in a new tab containing the list of browser permissions the site uses when viewed on your device. Disable site sound settings 4. Scroll down until you find the Sound option. Next to the option is the list of actions you can perform regarding the sound profile of the website.

Via The Url Address Bar

via the Site tab 1. Go to a website that offers autoplay videos. 2. Go to the top of the browser and to the tab of the window you currently have open. Right-click on the tab. A list of options will appear in a context menu. Scroll through the options until you find the “Mute Site” option and select it. Override site settings You may not notice any immediate changes, but your new setting has been saved by Chrome. From now on, any page you open that belongs to this website will be disabled by default. You can do this for as many sites as you want. 3. If you want to re-enable audio for the site, repeat the above-mentioned steps until you reach the context menu. This time, you will see the option “Unmute Site” instead of the previous option you selected.

Click the request button and your ride will be booked. You will get an estimate of the distance to the nearest car and the time it will take to arrive. Your journey may be subject to a fare increase, but you will not be informed of this during the extension. Related: How to export YouTube subscriptions to OPML Limits The only limitation with the extension is that you won’t know when the special pricing is in effect. For the rest, the extension faithfully reproduces the functionalities of Uber applications. The extension’s popup does not close or close when clicking the extension’s icon next to the URL bar. You must close the tab to get rid of it. It just minimizes to the side but remains visible. This is in no way illegal or against Uber’s Terms of Service. Rideshare Company Event lets you book an Uber from Google Maps.

Navigate To The Last Item In The Menu List

Many Chrome extensions do not work on the New Tab page because it is considered a Chrome page. Click on the Car icon that the extension adds next to the URL bar. Log in with your phone number and enter your password when prompted. You won’t have to authenticate with a code sent to your phone number. This is just the login procedure and the extension assumes you already have an Uber account. Once you are logged in, the extension will ask you for access to your location. You can choose to give it access or manually enter your address when ordering an Uber. We must warn you that entering your address manually may result in a less accurate pick-up point being set. Enter your pick-up and drop-off address. The extension will show you which cars are available and what the estimated fare is for your ride.

Most people need taxis on the go and the easiest way to get one is through their phone. Uber would be much less efficient if people had to be at their desks just to order a taxi. That said, it’s not unimaginable that you would want or need to order an Uber from your office. Since there is no web interface for Uber, you will have to settle for UberChrome. It’s a Chrome extension that lets you order an Uber from your desktop. You don’t have to pay any additional fees and your order through your own Uber account. UberChrome is an open-source extension, so if you have any qualms about accessing your data, especially your payment information, you can check out the code on Github. Order an Uber from your office Install the UberChrome extension and access any website. The extension will not work on the New Tab page.

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