How To Disable Title Bar Color In Firefox

More importantly, the dull gray of the title bar makes the window look out of focus. Users were compulsively clicking on a Firefox window trying to bring it into focus before realizing it was already in focus. It took a lot of getting used to and once you get used to something like that, switching to colored title bars can be counterproductive. If you used the tweak mentioned above to achieve color on the title bar, you can now remove it. To get colored title bars in Firefox 40+, you had to use an add-on. We don’t know if the add-on is compatible with this new version of Firefox but if the only thing you used it for was to get colored title bars, you should remove it anyway. Firefox add-ons may be lightweight and all, but there’s no point in having unnecessary add-ons installed in your browser.

From the menu, select “Customize”. Look for the Themes drop-down list on the Customize Firefox screen. Select the “Light” theme and you have your gray title bar back. The 1px line around the window in the accent color is still there. If you want Chad Email List get the colored title bar back, open the customization menu again and select the “Default” theme. The colored title bar in Firefox will return. Firefox also has other themes including a nice black one. The browser does not conform to Windows 10 dark and light theme yet, but it has its own dark theme which you can select for better browsing experience at night. The Firefox colored title tweak Before Firefox supported colored title bar, this popular tweak allowed you to get colored title bars in Firefox. Users went to great lengths to add color to the browser which looked dull without it.

The Firefox Colored Title Bar Tweak

It’s an interesting dynamic of two companies that teamed up to take on Google and ultimately lost the search engine war. If you’ve upgraded to the latest version of Firefox on Windows 10, you’ll immediately notice a major difference; colored title bars. Firefox didn’t have a colored title bar for a good two years. A window’s title bar is supposed to be the same color as the Windows 10 accent color. Firefox’s title bar remained gray and not everyone was happy with it. The latest version finally fills that gap and that means anyone who’s gotten used to a gray title bar might not like it. Luckily, it’s easy to turn off the title bar color in Firefox and get the old gray back. Disable title bar color Open Firefox and click on the hamburger icon at the top right.

Chad Email List

4 Best Google Duckduckgo Alternatives Founded in 2008, the company does not collect, sell or use anyone’s personal information. In addition to this, IP addresses are also not collected and the use of cookies is minimized, so that users are not tracked as they move around the Internet. Region-specific searches can also be integrated if you want to search for results only in a specific part of the world. Browser extensions are available for almost all browsers to keep all searches secret. Finally, DuckDuckGo’s fan-favorite feature called “bangs” allows users to search directly on sites like YouTube, Amazon, or Wikipedia. Searches are performed with an exclamation mark: !amazon then the search term. 2.Bing If Google is the most popular search browser, Microsoft’s Bingis the second, albeit a distant second, favorite. The search results, which incidentally come from Yahoo and not Microsoft, focus heavily on visual appeal.

Disable Title Bar Color

Here is our list of the best alternatives to Google search. Summary 1. DuckDuckGo 2.Bing Search Encrypt 4. Start Page Conclusion 1. DuckDuckGo Probably the best-named alternative on this list, DuckDuckAller has had a strong focus on privacy since its inception. Leveraging hundreds of sources, including Microsoft’s own Bing browser or its own web crawler, search results are highly customizable. In addition to its privacy purpose, the search results page is quite minimal, so your focus is on quality results. One of the best things about this choice is how spam is kept to a minimum. DuckDuckGo is ending the ad overload on the search results pages that Google is best known for. Users can choose between a light or dark experience as well as an infinite scroll of results.

Summary Show more top sites Edit top sites Hide Highlights Edit Highlights To manage Top Sites and Highlights in Firefox, you need to visit the New Tab Page Preferences. When it comes to searching the web, the current belief is that Google is king. While many people share this belief, others believe that Google is synonymous with invasion of privacy. Couple that with other complaints about poor search results, and you’ll need other search engines. Luckily, not only are there other search engines, but they are comparable to, if not better than, Google and worth a look.

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