How To Enable Dark Theme On Youtube

The value is what tells YouTube which interface to show you. When you paste the above code into the console, you are giving YouTube a specific value for the VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE cookie. Users who have set this value for the cookie can enable dark mode on YouTube. You will notice that changing the cookie value also causes other user interface changes on YouTube. Dark mode isn’t the only change. The whole menu that opens from your profile button is new. Related: How to Stream Windows 10 to Android TV or Any Smart TV This only works if you’re signed in to YouTube. If you are logged out, the value of the VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE cookie cannot be set manually. This cookie will expire after one year. Until then, if YouTube hasn’t rolled out the dark theme to everyone, you can set the cookie value again.

To GMTString( ) + “; path=/”; On Firefox, you’ll get a warning that you need to be careful when pasting content. Type “allow pasting” in the bar, then paste the code snippet above. This will generate an error the first time. Paste it again and press Enter. Refresh YouTube. You will see a difference in the user interface. Click your user profile drop-down Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers the top right and select “Dark Mode: Off” from the menu. A menu will open in the top right with a switch to enable dark mode. Here’s what it looks like. How it works If you want to know how it works, or what code you paste into the console, we have answers. You are essentially changing the value of a YouTube cookie. To be precise, this cookie is called “VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE”. By default, YouTube sets it to a different value.

Activate Dark Mode

YouTube is likely showing it to select visitors right now, but it’s live on the site. The dark theme will only be visible if you sign in to YouTube and enable it. To check if it is already available, click on your profile icon on the top right and check if there is a dark mode option. Otherwise, you will need to make a small change in your browser console to enable the dark theme on YouTube. Here’s what you need to do. Activate dark mode Visit YouTube and sign in. Open your browser’s console. Right-click in the YouTube tab and select “Inspect” (in Chrome) or “Inspect Element” (in Firefox) from the context menu. Your browser’s developer tools will open. There is a tab called ‘Console’ on the developer tools. Go to this tab and paste the following code. Press Enter.

Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers

But as tech companies like Facebook have repeatedly fumbled the privacy football, users are growing increasingly uncomfortable with the privacy they’ve given up, all in exchange for social media. and communication platforms. Summary 1. Establish a new private email address 2. Forward specific mail from your old address (with a proxy, optional) 3. Change web account email addresses 4. Migrate Third-Party Google Account Logins 5. Set an autoresponder (optional) 6. Close your Google account Conclusion While Google says they stopped scanning user emails in 2017, they’re still allowing third-party apps to scan your emails when they’re approved by the user. If you’re starting to think about migrating away from Gmail, here’s the easiest way to break away from Google’s mothership and reclaim your privacy with the least amount of pain. YouTube has a dark theme which it has not made public.

If You Want To Know How It Works

This is probably why you don’t see a lot of captions on Facebook videos. These are videos that people share from their cell phones. It is unlikely that someone would add subtitles to a video of their birthday party. That said, Facebook does support subtitles. Here’s how to customize Facebook video captions. You can only customize captions on Facebook videos from the web. Settings are not available on mobile apps, so you need to log in to Facebook in your browser. Open Facebook, click on the small arrow in the top right and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Gmail, like all Google products, is terrible for your privacy. It’s also pretty much the best webmail service you’ll find. So most of us are willing to put up with a bit of data mining for spam-free emails that are easy to read and send.

Related: All God of War Treasure Maps & Loot Locations These solutions of course have their own set of problems, like video encodings altering file data and changing the signature without the video content actually changing, or legitimate video editing messing with the signature. However, in high-stakes situations, such as business transactions where images are used to verify delivery or gain investor support, an authentication layer like this could help prevent deepfake-related fraud. Are deepfakes more dangerous than Photoshop? At this point, we’re all assuming that the images might not be real because we’re fully aware that the technology exists to make almost anything look real in a still image. Eventually, we can begin to approach videos with the same kind of skepticism, because faking them becomes as easy and convincing as Photoshop currently makes editing images.


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