How To End Interactive Email Marketing: A Guide

As customers, we know: our email inboxes are flooded with emails we don’t need or resonate with. But as marketers, we often miss that point. In fact, according to MarketingLand, US businesses send more emails than others. This even exceeds the global average figure of 1.38 million per month. As a result, there are loads of boring unread emails that deliver the message, however they don’t have much value. Clearly, this blog is important! As it’s getting harder and harder to grab attention through email, there’s one way to stand out: interactive content. It has the power to delight your readers and subsequently improve email engagement.

Interactive content is a great way to provide value and can encourage subscribers to share more information with you. In fact, according to the Content Marketing Institute, 81% of marketers have noted that interactive content works more Honduras WhatsApp Number List than static content in terms of capturing attention and engaging customers. Not only is creating interactive content considered effective, but other content marketing efforts like content curation increase engagement in less time. Now that we’ve got the facts straight, let’s share with you 7 action-packed ways to boost your email marketing with interactive content.

Interact Via Email But First

What is interactive content in email? Definition of interactive content: content that requires the active participation of the participants instead of passively reading or watching. Generate relevant information from potential customers. And in return, participants receive real-time, hyper-personalized results that matter to them. If you’re still wondering why, here’s another stat for you. Martech Advisor says that “interactive email content increases click-to-open rate by 73%.” Interactivity in emails is one of the best ways to engage your prospects and your email list, as it invites them to respond. And since recipients act to receive the full message, they ultimately become part of your marketing, increasing brand loyalty.

Honduras WhatsApp Number List

Due to technical requirements, email is still catching up when it comes to adding interactivity. But here are 7 ways to give your emails that much-needed interactive edge. interactive email 7 ways to make your emails interactive 1. Play with quizzes Creating quizzes is so much fun and easy if you’re using a modern no-code quiz builder. Plus, you can simply embed them into your interactive email newsletter so your customers don’t have to go through extra steps – they can answer the quiz right in the emails. The best part is that these quizzes can be created in a matter of minutes with easy quiz maker tools. Here is an “Ultimate Summer Destination” quiz designed by Outgrow.

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Sending an interactive email like this will take your email marketing effort to another level. The real-time, personalized results it offers won’t let customers pass you by! questionnaire in email template 2. Research with polls, surveys and reviews These are definitely not new. But they are not regularly yet. They serve multiple purposes: feedback for new releases, service feedback, product reviews, etc. Why would customers interact? Because they appreciate brands that express the opinions and preferences of their customers. Try incorporating a single question survey or a multi-question survey into your email template. There are survey and form builders that allow you to do it with a single click.

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