How To Make Facebook Private

“Who can see the people, pages, and lists you follow?” to “Only me”. Make a Private Facebook Profile Iphone Three 4. Once you’ve made the changes, tap Next and change “Future Posts” and “Stories” to “Friends” for the best level of privacy. Similar to the desktop, you can also see “Limit Past Messages” to remove non-friends from previously tagged photos or messages. Tap Next again to save all changes and return to your Facebook feed. Make a Private Iphone Four Facebook Profile Final Thoughts Facebook is an amazing tool that has connected billions of users around the world. Instead of sharing with public, it is better to make your Facebook private and only share it with your friends. You can easily change your settings to do this, and reversing the process is just as easy.

At the bottom right of the screen is a three-line menu that you can tap. Scroll down until you see the ‘Settings & Privacy’ menu option and tap on it for a list of options to appear. “Settings” should be at the top of the list. Tap it and scroll down Ghana Phone Numbers List you see “Privacy”. Make a Private Facebook Profile Iphone One 1 2. Under Privacy, tap on the very first option, “Privacy settings”, then tap on the first option labeled “Check some important settings”. Make a Private Iphone Two Facebook Profile 3. In this menu, the first box on the left is “Who can see what you share”. Tap on it and “Continue” to locate the “Friends and Followers” settings. Here you need to change these two settings: “Who can see your friends list on your profile?”

How To Control Privacy Settings On The Facebook App

Create a private email address for the Facebook profile “Who can search for you using the email address you provided?” It’s best to set this one to friends, as they probably already know your email, but you can also choose “Me only” for strict privacy. “Who can search for you using the phone number you provided?” The same thought as above applies here. “Only me” is the most private, but “Friends” is probably fine since your friends probably already know your numbers. “Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile? This one is a definite no. You don’t want your profile to be discoverable via Google, Bing, etc. How to Control Privacy Settings on the Facebook App Your Facebook can also be easily made private on the mobile app. 1. Start by launching the Facebook app on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

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But each of them offers limited privacy. The best choice here is “Only me”, because this way you can be sure that no one can see a good part of your profile. Create Private Facebook Profile Pages How to limit who can contact you The same way you locked your posts in the steps above, it’s time to do the same with your friends list. Related: eBay search tips to find exactly what you’re looking for 1. Start by clicking “Who can see your friends list?” and make sure it is set to “Me only”. Again, you have a few choices here, but if privacy is your biggest concern, choosing “Me Only” is best for your peace of mind. Create private friends list on facebook profile 2. There are a few other options here that you need to manually set to “Friends” or “Me Only”.

How To Limit Who Can Contact You

Make Private Facebook Profile Settings Future Posts 4. If you want to be extra careful, you can also do a scan of all your old posts and “Limit the audience of posts you’ve shared with friends of friends or in public” historically. If you choose this option, all your previous messages will now only be visible to your friends. Friends or non-friends (Public) will no longer be able to see the post. Make Facebook profile private at time limit 5. Just below the option from the previous step is another setting for “Who can see the people, pages, and lists you follow?” It’s a good step to ensure as much privacy as possible by setting this option to “Me only”. You can also set it to the same set of groups in step four with Friends, Friends Except, Specific Friends, etc.

When the Settings screen appears, look on the left side, locate and click on the “Privacy” option. 2. Look for the “Your activity” section. This is where you can select things like who sees your posts or who can see the pages and people you follow. Make Facebook profile private your activity 3. Next to “Who can see your future posts?” if it says “Public”, be sure to click the “Edit” button to set it to “Friends” so that only members of your friends list can see what you post. To go even further, you can choose “Friends except” and add people to your friends list who will not see any of your messages. You can instead choose “Specific Friends” and only show your messages to a select group of people. These last two options are certainly more private than the larger “Friends”, but also require more manual configuration.

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