How To Manage Top Sites And Highlights In Firefox

You can mark a highlight, delete it, or delete it from your history. There is no option to edit a highlight as they are not permanent. They update as you browse and are not stored permanently. Related: How to opt out of personalized YouTube and Google Ads Firefox for iOS and Android also have a highlight option, but currently there is no way to disable it. This new version of Firefox gave users two types of speed dials; one is more permanent and reserved for your favorite websites. The others are updated regularly, and it’s an easy way to recall recent tabs from your history. If you’ve ever felt like websites on the new tab page don’t update often enough, or update too often, you’ll be pretty happy with the top sites and highlights.

Open a new tab and click the gear button in the top right. Show more top sites By default, you see six top sites. To show more featured sites, enable the Show two rows option. Conversely, if Highlights does the trick for you, you can disable Top Sites in Firefox by unchecking “Top Sites” in the New Tab Page preferences. Edit top sites You can edit the Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List sites in Firefox. Simply click on the small bubble at the top right of a top site’s thumbnail. You can pin it so that it doesn’t get replaced by another website that you start visiting often. You can also edit, delete, and remove it from your history. Hide Highlights To hide highlights, open the new page preferences tab and uncheck the Highlights option. Edit Highlights To, click the small bubble at the top right of a highlight.

Show More Top Sites

These entities may choose to pay for a more expensive certificate (an “extended validation” or “EV” certificate) that verifies that they really are who they say they are (for example, Amazon. Firefox has just received one of its biggest updates yet. Not only has the browser received a design overhaul, but it has also improved its core performance and added new features. One change you’ll notice right away is on the new tab page. Previously, Firefox showed you a speed dial that over time populated the websites you visit most often. Now it shows you two different thumbnail types; best sights and highlights. The top sites seem to be modeled after the top sites in Microsoft Edge, but they’re not pre-made by Mozilla. They simply show the websites you visit most often. Highlights show you recent websites you’ve visited.

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However, the white homepage is similar to Google’s famous landing page and works well. Other than that, Search Encrypt is really quite basic. Strongly focused on its privacy-first approach, this option is best for users who want to avoid Google tracking. The data is not stored, so it cannot be hacked or leaked. While this probably isn’t a concern for most internet users, it still provides valuable peace of mind. 4. Start Page Unsurprisingly, Start Pageis another privacy-focused browser designed to protect its users. Interestingly enough, instead of its own search algorithm, the Start Page uses Google for its search results, but removes trackers and cookies. In other words, you get all the search results from Google without having to use Google.

The Small Bubble At The Top Right Of A Highlight

A final bonus from Bing is that video results are included with the rest of your search results, which can be useful depending on your query. Search Encrypt A little-known but privacy-focused search engine, Search Crypter is dedicated to ensuring user privacy. Instead of tracking users and displaying personalized ads, sponsored ads are displayed on the search results page. These ads are based only on the search term itself and not on your history. Every search is encrypted and redirected to Search Encrypt’s “privacy-enhanced search engine”. AES-256-bit encryption doubles the security and helps hide all your research activity. As if that weren’t enough from a security perspective, any Search Encrypt user who’s been inactive for thirty minutes will have their search results expire. 4 Best Google Encrypt Search Alternatives While Bing and DuckDuckGo offer varying degrees of customization, Search Encrypt offers little to no customization options.

With this in the past, Bing relied heavily on a visually appealing homepage with an ever-changing background to attract users. Everything, including animals, places, sporting events, and people, decorates the page at any given time. It’s a stark difference from Google’s polarizing blank page which is truly a love or hate experience. Related: How to export Evernote data to OneNote and Google Keep 4 Best Google Bing Alternatives Although not a privacy-focused search engine, Bing allows users to change ad preferences for better targeting. Where Bing really stands out is the Bing rewards system. Bing users are awarded points for every search on mobile or desktop. These points can then be redeemed for gift cards or other items. If a Bing user takes the time to take quizzes and surveys to earn extra points, those can be accrued and cashed out quite quickly.


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