How To Promote A Rewards Program With Email Marketing

Did you know that repeat customers are responsible for generating up to 40% of your store’s total revenue ? This fact, combined with the rising costs of digital ads, has led a growing number of businesses to devote more of their marketing budgets to retention efforts. While these retention strategies can take many forms, by far the most successful are rewards programs . From points-based customer loyalty programs to affiliate and referral strategies, rewards have been critical to the success of brands across a wide range of industries. In fact, 87% of customers prefer to interact with brands that offer rewards . With such widespread approval, you’d think almost every customer would be committed to a rewards program.

Unfortunately, intentions can only get one customer so far. Proper promotion of your rewards program is key to inspiring that commitment, and this promotion can come in a variety of forms. From on-site tabs or modals to navigation bar links and on-site calls to action, there are several ways to present your program to your customers. Email marketing remains one of the most effective forms of advertising. As smartphones make it easier for customers to Ghana B2B List brands on the go, you can almost guarantee that customers will see and receive your brand emails no matter where they are. This accessibility gives you the opportunity to put your program in the palm of your hand, increasing the likelihood of participation and opening the door for more customers to participate.

Let’s See How You

Can turn your email campaigns into member rewards magnets. The welcome email One of the most common emails an eCommerce merchant sends is the welcome email. Moreover, This email is usually sent to customers after they’ve created an account with your store, and as the name implies, it welcomes them to your brand. This can include giving them a taste of your brand culture, highlighting new products or upcoming events, or simply thanking them for stopping by. A welcome message helps build a relationship with the customer that extends beyond the first interaction.

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After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression! Customer relationships are a marathon, not a sprint, so giving shoppers additional. Opportunities to engage with your brand amplifies the chances they’ll explore further. Your rewards program can fit right in with this initial point of contact. One of the most common mistakes companies make with their rewards. Moreover, Program is treating it as a separate entity from the parent brand. By keeping it separate, you frame it as a secondary consideration or lesser part of your customer experience. Reducing the excitement customers should feel from joining.

Wedderspoon Welcome Email

Wedderspoon has made its rewards program a focus of its opening message, showing customers that rewards are. A critical component of their brand experience that they can expect to enjoy with every interaction. In this way, the values ​​inherent in participation are front and center. Increasing the desire to participate and the likelihood of signing up. Moreover, The invitation email If welcome emails are the first link in. The chain from customer to brand, invitation emails are the logical extension. Now that customers have been exposed to and recognize your program, it’s time to get personal. Personalization is an important factor for many customers, so it is essential for you, as a merchant. Most importantly, To take advantage of all available opportunities to integrate it into your customer experience.

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