How To Sync About: Configuration Preferences With Firefox Sync

These are the ones that Firefox syncs automatically without you having to configure it. In either case, if you want to stop a preference from syncing, you need to find its corresponding services.sync.prefs.setting preference and set its value to False. This is as good as removing the preference and it will disable sync for it. There are no side effects to this, except you have to remember which preference you have synced for. If you can’t, you can search the about:config page for services.sync.prefs and find them all. It’s a pretty long list by default, so it will take some time to go through it if you can’t remember the name of the preference you synced for. Similarly, you can use it to check if synchronization for a preference is enabled or not.

Copy Name from the context menu. Then right-click again and select New>Boolean. In the preference name field, enter the following; services.sync.prefs.setting Replace ‘setting’ with the name of the preference you copied earlier. For example, if you want to sync the Accessibility.blockautorefresh preference, you would name the new Boolean preference as follows; services.sync.prefs.accessibility.blockautorefresh In the value field, set the value to True. That’s all you need to do. Once you add this preference, the Egypt Email List with the matching name will sync across all instances of the Firefox desktop. If there is a preference available on Firefox Android and sync is enabled, it will also sync with your phone. Stop Sync About: Configuration Preference Once you add a new preference to the about:config page, you cannot remove it. You may have noticed that there are many preferences that start with services.

Stop Sync About: Configuration Preference

However, there are still some that arrive in your inbox. Firefox has a sync feature that can sync your browser preferences, among other things. This includes, but is not limited to, the page the new tab page opens on, your Do Not Track settings, your telemetry settings, and even the theme you have set. It syncs almost everything you need to provide a seamless experience across different desktops. Firefox’s preferences are not only from its Options but also from the about:config page. Any preferences you change on this page are not synced. Here’s how you can sync about:config preferences. We assume that you have already set up Firefox synchronization and are into your account on all desktops. Sync About: Configuration Preferences First, open the about:config page. Accept the warning when prompted. Note the preference you want to sync…

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Sync About: Configuration Preferences

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