How To View Tabs In Fullscreen Mode In Chrome

You will not exit full screen mode when you switch to another tab. To exit full screen mode, press the F11 key. Tab Revolution is a brand new extension; it’s in alpha and so it has its predictable bugs. It will let you view tabs in fullscreen mode without any problem, but if you drag a tab from one window to another, it won’t update the tabs you see in fullscreen mode. The extension will only remember tabs that were open in the original window. It also adds some sort of UI element to the very top of a webpage when you return to normal view. It doesn’t work if you enter fullscreen mode in a media player, for example, click the fullscreen button on YouTube. The good news is that these bugs are small and Tab Revolution performs its main function reasonably well.

The full screen feature is not limited to media i.e. videos. If you’re using a web app for typing, using it full screen will save you from distractions. Full-screen mode hides all tabs you have open in the same Chrome window. The taskbar/Dock also disappears, although you may still receive app alerts. Tab Revolution is a Chrome extension that Canada Phone Number List Database you view tabs in fullscreen mode. Tabs appear when you move your mouse up the screen. You can click on a tab to access it. Install Tab Revolution and press the F11 key to enter full screen mode. Move your mouse to the top edge of your screen and the open tabs in the current window will appear. Move the cursor away and the tabs disappear, allowing you to enjoy your current tab in full screen mode. If you select another tab, you will access it.

The Full Screen Feature Is Not Limited

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Tabs Appear When You Move Your Mouse Up The Screen

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