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If you’re reading this post, you’re probably a more or less advanced email marketer. You keep up to date, you check the real trends, that’s why you have found the current article. It sounds quite logical. So we assume that you are already more or less familiar with gamification. At least you’ve heard of this technique. While there are plenty of interactive ways to engage your subscribers during the holiday season, gamification is one of the top trends in the world of holiday email marketing this year. Let’s update some gamification essentials before moving on to the tips and advice on vacation email gamification. Well… Gamification in a nutshell Basically, the very term clearly speaks for itself.

Gamification is an implementation of game elements in non-game spheres of real and virtual existence. In our case, incorporating several interactive blocks with interactive game content in commercial newsletters. holiday email gamification Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List interesting fact: gamification is the case where we can say “everything new is old forgotten”. Years ago, Nintendo implemented something like proto-gamification in its e-commerce campaigns. Why gamification? First of all, gamification has a definitely positive impact on your level of engagement. We all know that games are not just for kids. Millions of older people of all ages are gamers today. That’s why attractive and well-organized games always work to attract customers.

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Us to better interact with our clients, learn more about the people we are working with… and even increase the brand’s virality. When the content is attractive and relevant, with some special feature, the recipients tend to share the emails. “Hey buddy, check out this company – this mini-puzzle in your email is really fun!” people write when forwarding featured emails to their friends. This is when customers act as willing agents of your brand, by the way. And it means that we manage to retain customers. Victory! According to studies and A/B testing data provided by Promodo, gamification can increase ROI by up to 300%. It sounds intriguing. On the other hand, we must be aware of some essential things to win in email gamification. So, let’s explore them:.

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Apply gamification intelligently Gamification is building your brand’s reputation and unique voice. These mini-games say that your company is not at all serious and boring, that you appreciate fun and entertainment, and that you are fashionable. Naturally, it means that organization and implementation depend on your unique style… Still, the common rule: don’t use gamification too often! First of all, it can get boring. Second, excessive use of entertainment features can have the opposite effect. Don’t be nosy or too clowny.gamification template There should be real reasons to start the gamification campaign. For example, company annual date.

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How the well-known HTML template editor Stripo team organized the series of quizzes to test the practical implementation of AMP-based game blocks and explore the potential of this advanced gamification technique. Another good reason to try gamification is holiday time: Christmas and New Years, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, etc. They are all about sales, promotion campaigns, discounts… Let’s start with the key rule about holiday email gamification: Pre-holidays and holidays are not the same Keep in mind that sending gamified newsletters during the holidays or even days before is not a good idea. Especially when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. This is the time for a lot of sales, not games.

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