In contrast to Japan’s experience it is mainly to let manufacturers

In contrast to Japan’s experience it mainly to let manufacturers understand the operational concept of pollution improvement, to gather manufacturers, and to establish a dialogue platform for the scattered sewage and waste services of small and medium-sized enterprises, so that manufacturers, environmental industry and government counseling research units can work together. Jointly develop the most suitable technology and economical processing equipment. Nantou factory accused of illegally emptying pollutants Photo Credit: WebMD Taiwan has gone through an authoritarian system. In the process of rapid industrial development, many social communications and laws and regulations often solved by the state injecting administrative resources and forcibly eliminating opponents.

Civil society often calls this a duck bully As a result

Social contradictions and conflicts continue Kuwait Phone Number to deepen. How can we make changes in the democratized contemporary society? Whether Taiwanese industry players willing to take a step forward and step into a space that still full of contradictions after temporarily excluding each other’s social roles, and have a common dialogue. In my opinion, the progress of society has never depended on the more progress of political figures, but by the society’s willingness to put these contradictory values ​​on the same platform; the progress of society has not depended on mutual resentment and resentment, but on the Despite all kinds of contradictions, we still willing to carry out dialogue.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs List of Prohibited Items for

Kuwait Phone Number

Commercial Conduct in Taiwan” officially on the road, which includes the agency or distribution of China’s OTT TV (Over-the-Top Service video streaming) and related commercial services into the prohibited scope, which in a gray area and cannot ordered. The manageable Chinese-funded platforms such as and Tencent have completely blocked. Recently, the draft of the OTT special law drawn up by the NCC was launched. The OTT special law (Internet Audiovisual Service Management Law) considered to aimed at Chinese OTT operators, also known as the.

Tencent clause”, which clearly stipulates that illegal operators Internet audio-visual service providers that have not obtained a license in accordance with the “Regulations on the Relations between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area”, indicating that and Tencent , which not within the scope of the license, will regarded as operating in Taiwan illegally. IQIYI Photo Credit: Reuters Image In the past, OTT video streaming platforms in China followed the gaps in the current laws and regulations, and successively landed in Taiwan through the agent model.

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