How To Use Marketing Psychology In Your Email Campaign

Email marketing is all about striking up a conversation with a newcomer who recently signed up and building a lasting relationship with your existing customers by providing a good user experience. After that,  Taking it one step further, your email marketing emails need to be personalized based on behavior, demographics, purchase history, or even their current location in the customer journey.  However, sticking to the ‘tried and tested’ ways to improve your email conversion rate is not effective, especially when your client already has emails from many email marketers who also follow the same best practices.

To make their emails stand out from the crowd with a lesser-known innovation, Uplers had an informed conversation with Benyamin Elias (Content Marketer, ActiveCampaign) about the psychology of marketing and its application in email marketing. Similarly, The Oman B2B List article is our consolidated learning from chatting with him in which you will learn about: What is the psychology of marketing? How to implement marketing psychology in your email campaigns?

Two Types Of Psychologies

Psychology of attention and 4 ways to attract attention Psychology of curiosity and 5 methods to create curiosity Different level of friction to create in your CTA copy How to generate emotions in your emails What is the psychology of marketing? Why don’t most email marketers use it? Marketing psychology is about understanding how (and why) people think and act the way they do and creating marketing strategies based on those impulses and behaviors to better engage with your customers. In conclusion, This way, you can create compelling content in your emails that efficiently engage, troubleshoot, and convert your customers.

Oman B2B List

It’s about getting your customers to remember key information about your brands using techniques. Like setting them up to associate your brand with a certain stimulus and influencing their buying behavior. In addition, Before you start wearing your tin foil hats and blaming marketers for controlling your minds. Above all, Marketing psychology is studying and implementing certain tactics to stand out from the crowd. By your customers. Implementing marketing psychology in emails involves sending out a specific set of emails intended. Moreover, To educate customers while at the same time putting your products. Services in front of their attention as the solution to the problem they are looking for.

The Pitfall Of Implementing

Marketing psychology in email marketing lies in the different types of emails that are sent in an email campaign. While some may rely on launching their products with a 5 email funnel that has longer copy. Some may show off their products with 50 word email copy with a focus on product design and images. How to get with including marketing psychology in email marketing? Fortunately, all emails have one thing in common: subject lines. Most importantly, Most of the psychology lies in writing a subject line that grabs attention within a crowded inbox. Gets customers to click on the email. Some marketers tend to put a lot of weight into crafting their subject lines by following best practices. A/B testing them and hoping to sell more with the subject line alone.

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