Top 15 Email Marketing Influencers You Should Follow

Email marketing can get quite complicated with new trends being introduced every day. It is not possible to access all email marketing reports or read all case studies published by email marketing platforms. With such a large repository of content across the web, it is difficult to consume all the content that is published. So what is the solution? Well, the simplest idea is to follow email marketing influencers on Twitter and learn about the latest best practices which, in turn, will help your business grow. After that, Let’s take a look at the top email marketing influencers every email enthusiast should follow. 1.Chris Donald Chris Donald has extensive experience of over two decades in the field of email marketing and marketing automation.

He has assisted numerous small and medium sized businesses to achieve their goals and boost their email marketing budgets. In addition, he has also managed the email accounts of Fortune 500 companies. You can follow Chris at @emailmadman on Twitter. 2.Ann Handley Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, is a digital Ecuador B2B List pioneer, writer, and speaker who has given several speeches at international events. Similarly, She is the author of two books, namely Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content and Content Rules. She also writes for world-renowned publications like Entrepreneur.

If We Were To Believe

What people have to say, she hands out rainbow pens at conferences. How amazing is that! You can follow Ann at @marketingprofs on Twitter. 3. Kat Pay Kath is the founder and CEO of Holistic Email Marketing and has partnered with big name brands like Tommy Hilfiger, eBay, and Facebook. Not only is she an international speaker, but she also manages advanced email marketing training at Econsultancy. In conclusion, She gives special consideration to customer-centric journeys aided by a holistic, multi-channel approach. You can follow her at @kathpay on Twitter. 4. Skip Fidura Skip Fidura is a Director of Customer Service at DotMailer and a C-Level Marketing Specialist who works particularly on messaging and email marketing techniques.

Ecuador B2B List

He is one of the UK Marketing Association members whose aim is to support email marketing best practice. You can follow him at @skipfidura on Twitter. 5. Jeanne Jennings With over 20 years of experience in the email marketing field, Jeanne Jennings works as a consultant to businesses of various sizes, guiding them in optimizing their email marketing channels to improve conversions and drive more sales. She is also a professor of digital marketing at Georgetown University. No wonder she is one of the most influential email marketers. Moreover, You can follow her at @jeajen on Twitter. 6. Justine Jordan Justine’s current position is Vice President of Marketing at Litmus.

She, Along With Her Team

Helps marketers create better emails and test them before hitting the dreaded Send button. She is informally called Judge Jordan, as she always has a relatable council. She is an email design critic and regular industry speaker. You can follow her at @meladorri on Twitter. 7. Chad White Chad is not only the research director for Litmus, but also an email marketing author appearing in over 100 publications including The New York Times, USA Today, and Fortune. Most importantly, He is the author of the book Email Marketing Rules which enlightens readers on email marketing best practices. He has published over 3,000 posts under this name, making it obvious that he knows a lot about email marketing. You can follow him at @chadswhite on Twitter.

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