How Artificial Intelligence Is Innovating In Email Marketing

The email marketing industry is currently in the midst of a sea change in how you create marketing content and how that content is delivered to consumers. By now, it’s quite likely that any global Internet user with a Facebook account, Instagram account, or email address has already experienced this change, most of them without even realizing it. Like many of the digital marketing changes that preceded it, the one taking shape today is being driven by technological innovation. Like the advent of the smartphone and the widespread adoption of marketing automation, the latest technological innovation to shake up the world of digital marketing has the potential to disrupt some of the industry’s most long-held beliefs and strategies, and offer brands and marketers a new email.

marketing powers on a scale few could have anticipated. What is this amazing innovation that is currently revolutionizing the email marketing game? It’s artificial intelligence and it’s about to change everything. What everyone should know about AI Artificial intelligence is an extremely powerful digital marketing tool. Sure, today’s AI may not look Japan B2B List the all-purpose humanoid robots we remember from our favorite sci-fi movies, but there’s no doubt that it’s already making a big impact. Whether it’s the recommendations on our favorite e-commerce site, the movies on our Netflix homepage, or the inexplicably enticing copy of ads on our Facebook news feeds, AI touches our lives in subtle yet important ways every day.

In A World Where Consumer

Data is worth its weight in gold, and where many brands sit atop untold mountains of that data, the ability to sift through it and gain valuable marketing insights is a precious commodity. The thing is, algorithms capable of doing just that have been widely available for some time. Rebranding algorithms as “AI” and marketing them as such has become all too common practice in the email marketing space. However, true AI is capable of much, much more. What distinguishes AI from the algorithms and automation technologies that came before it is something far more valuable still: artificial intelligence learns. True artificial intelligence becomes more effective and efficient in completing its assigned task with each passing day.

Japan B2B List

If you build an AI for the specific task of optimizing a brand’s email marketing processes (like we did). You’ll learn how to do it more effectively with each and every send. You’ll learn what a brand’s unique audience responds to, what it doesn’t. Therefore how to engage that audience more effectively over time. That’s the real AI difference, and that’s what all email marketing brands should be actively pursuing. This is why… How AI helps create an effective email strategy The audience of each brand is different. The tastes of the audience of no brand are the same forever. Moreover, What works today in an email marketing campaign could fail next week (or even tomorrow!). That’s why regular, thorough, ongoing split testing should be an essential element of every brand’s email marketing strategy.

However, There Is A Problem

Most successful brands send a large number of emails over the course of each week. The process of manually split testing, analyzing the performance data that these split tests generate. Optimizing the content of each campaign consequently is incredibly time consuming. -consumption and onerous. But not for artificial intelligence. AI can handle these tasks quickly, efficiently, and repeatedly, optimizing your email marketing campaigns to reflect your audience’s changing preferences. Tastes as you go in real time, and with very little human input. Most importantly, AI and subject lines There is strong evidence too. Support the belief that email subject lines are the most important element of any email marketing campaign.

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