The Why And How Of Interactive Emails At SFMC

As marketers, we all know how difficult it is to get customer feedback through an email campaign. Similarly, as customers, we too are reluctant to provide feedback, especially if it’s not on the same platform, i.e. when we’re asked to go to a different landing page to provide feedback. Also, getting feedback on the landing pages instead of the email itself poses a problem of breaking the customer experience and thus there is less chance of collecting the long-awaited feedback. Interactive email forms from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud stable are the latest tool to mitigate the above challenges and deliver a seamless customer experience to subscribers. Below is an example of an email created using the content creator’s interactive email form.

Content creator Below is the image after the customer submits the feedback form using interactive email forms feedback form Use cases for interactive email forms There are various use cases for interactive email form and some of them are listed below: quick surveys This type of survey is used to get a quick survey/feedback on a recent activity done Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List the company. These are quick surveys with 1-2 questions and help quickly close the feedback loop with customers. For example, a fashion brand has a new fashion range and they may ask their customers if they will be in trying the new collection or not.

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Use case is applicable to scenarios where the customer makes a purchase from the website and then receives a personalized email requesting their opinion of the product. They can provide the feedback within the email itself instead of going to a new landing page, thereby disrupting the experience. profile data This use case is a typical scenario where the business wants to understand their customers more so they can target them with more personalized campaigns. For example, a financial institution requests more information from its customers in its welcome emails. The customer can fill in the required information within. The emails instead of filling it out in a third-party preference center.

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Hire a team of SFMC experts to help you manage your email campaign Create interactive email form. There are 3 main aspects of creating interactive email forms with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Data Extensions – Used to store the data collected as part of the specific use case. Interactive Email Page – New landing page built on Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pages for user confirmation and form data processing. Content: Salesforce Marketing cloud building block for interactive email forms, such as an email template, fallback content, email form. Confirmation message Create an interactive email page Start by creating a collection within the cloud pages. Then create an interactive email page within the cloud page collections.

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Email page After creating an email, click the Email block on the screen. Email block Go to the Content tab on the left side and then select the type of confirmation message. Select the Block option from the content builder dropdown menu. The other 2 options are No content and Redirect to a URL. Confirmation message publish your page After selecting the above message. Publish your page to the cloud, so that it made available to the outside world. Publish page Create your interactive email form Después de publicar sus páginas en la nube. Debe crear un formulario de correo electrónico interactivo en el generador de contenido. Hay varias plantillas de correo electrónico de Salesforce disponibles para elegir dentro de Content Builder.

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