Interview With Jeanne Jennings Of Digital Prism Advisors

When email marketing has proven to be the most essential and effective way to generate genuine leads, many email marketers miss the mark and fall victim due to campaign ROI. Bad email design strategy, inaccurate personalization, irrelevant information, etc. could be some of the reasons. For a cohesive look at effective email marketing, targeting and profiling, personalization, and design strategy, we interviewed one of the industry’s leading experts in email marketing, Ms. Jeanne Jennings. Managing Director of Digital Marketing, Digital Prism Advisors, Ms. Jennings shared her valuable insights. What do you think could be the next trends that could completely revolutionize email?

Jeanne: I don’t really see anything on the horizon that will revolutionize email, but again, I don’t think it’s necessary to revolutionize email. That said, there are plenty of trends that are making email marketing even more effective for organizations. Marketing automation is one of them. The ability to trigger emails based on an action the recipient Eritrea B2B List taken is huge and, if done correctly, can greatly increase relevancy. Triggered email messages have much higher open rates (52.1% vs. 31.0%) and click-through rates (11.4% vs. 3.5%) than regular messages, according to the Epsilon Q3 2015 Email Benchmarks and Trends Report.

Much Of My Work

For clients today is developing strategies that help them make the most of their marketing automation opportunities. Another trend worth keeping an eye on is smart data. More and more businesses are embracing the idea of ​​using the information they collect from customers and prospects (both reported and observed) to deliver more relevant email and online marketing content. The trend towards ‘marketing stacks’ that come with fully integrated CRM and Marketing Automation systems makes it easier to harness data that could drive bottom line performance.

Eritrea B2B List

With connected smart devices and the internet of everything coming into the picture, how do you think email marketing adds value to multi-channel strategy? Jeanne: I regret the day when a message from my fridge is sexier than one from my Aunt Jane! But seriously, the Internet of Things (IoT) is amazing. The advances in digital communication that I have seen in my life to date are enormous. And IoT is likely to take things many steps further before it leaves this earth. I started working for CompuServe in the 1980’s and we had this “view” of the world where we were selling business. At the time it was amazing, and now it’s all come true and it’s very ‘boring’.

I Think Iot Is Going

To be the same. I think the things we’re talking about right now are just the tip of the iceberg. Talk about smart data! The fact that your refrigerator automatically asks you for more Gruyère cheese when you have it shortly after throwing a fondue party is just the beginning. Does email have any function? Surely. Right now we think it will be to alert you that the fridge has arranged for your cheesemonger to restock your Gruyère, but that’s certainly just the tip of the iceberg. Can’t wait to see what else the IoT brings… What is your opinion on big data? How can you help boost email campaigns? Jeanne: I’m not a big data fan, but I love smart data! Collecting intelligent data about your customers and prospects, and leveraging it intelligently, enables you to send more relevant marketing messages in email and across all channels.

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