Everything You Need To Know About Transactional Emails

Imagine a scenario. You are about to start researching for a trip to a nearby country. You need to know the details of everything from flight fares, hotels to places you can visit. At that moment, you receive an email that talks about offers, details of the trip to that same place and other things. Obviously, you click on that email to find out what you have to offer. Email marketing is all about sending the right message at the right time to the right person in the right place. You can never miss the right opportunity to make a conversion. However, sending the right kind of email also makes a big difference.

There are promotional emails and transactional or behaviorally triggered emails that you may need to send, depending on where they are in the sales funnel and what the audience is looking for. Transactional emails are said to be the Brunei B2B List open types of email, and it’s one of the best ways to get your target audience to at least look at your email. So what is the difference between a transactional email and a promotional/marketing email? Transactional Emails vs. Marketing Emails The email that is sent to the user after the user has triggered an action is known as transactional email. Few examples of transactional emails include order confirmation, welcome email, etc.

Marketing Emails

On the other hand, are sent to the email list, at a relevant time, with a personalized message, if possible. Newsletters, promotional and sales email campaigns, as well as welcome email series are some examples that are part of marketing emails. Transactional emails are something the user expects, so they have 8x open and click rates compared to marketing emails. Transactional emails, since they contain links to other products, generate 6x revenue compared to marketing emails. The brand should send a transactional email, just to confirm the recent action taken by the user. Now that you know the difference between transactional and marketing emails, let’s look at the types of transactional emails you can send to your customer.

Brunei B2B List

The different types of transactional email There are different variants of a transactional email and each one is sent for a specific action. You should be aware of these basic types that are commonly used in almost every industry. We will discuss the types of email as well as the behavior that triggers it. Successful email registration Sending a registration email immediately after the user signs up for your brand’s newsletter or app is a confirmation mark that the user is part of your brand, starting now. In the confirmation email, you are to set the tone for the customer lifecycle, as defined by you. You can set expectations for email frequency and other things with the confirmation email. Harvest’s registration confirmation email is simple and fairly accurate.

They Set The Expectations

For the 30-day test statement email. They have provided contact details where you can seek help. They have also provided a call to action that allows you to take the next action in the sequence. The different confirmation emails The second type of transactional. Email that every customer expects after placing an order is the order confirmation email. Believe it or not, this is the most successful type of transactional email. As it receives the highest open and click rates. In fact, some brands also add products that users can buy in these emails. The idea is to get the user to make more purchases, and it works.

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