11 Must-Have Landing Page Elements To Build Your Brand

A well-designed landing page is one of the important crossroads on the road to higher conversion rates. However, over 20% of businesses have no strategy to test their landing page. The sole purpose of a landing page is lead generation. It helps subscribers get detailed information about a specific offer, product or service they are interested in and encourages them to convert. An average landing page has a conversion rate of 2.35%, while the top 25% have a conversion rate of 5.31% or more. Creating a well-designed website or email landing page that gives you amazing results is not rocket science. Successful, high-converting landing pages follow some common traits that lead to high conversions and higher ROI.

The Uplers are here to help you with the most important landing page elements. Let’s go through each item one by one. 1. An impressive title A headline has to be the center of attraction of your page. It must have the following purposes: appeal to New Caledonia B2B List Convey the heart of your product or service The attention span of your subscribers is very short and you only have 0-8 seconds to win hearts with your headline. So, make sure your email or website landing page has a catchy title to enhance your branding.evernote landing page Evernote surely follows the best practices for web landing page.

It Has The Perfect Title

According to the service it offers that manages to capture the visitor’s attention, makes them stick to the page and finally converts. Also, notice how they have used white space with minimal use of colors. It improves the user experience and makes elements stand out by increasing readability. Your subscribers are more likely to remember such prominent content. They have presented what they offer in a step-by-step structure that subscribers can easily understand. 2. Subheading that requires The subheading, on a landing page that converts a lot, is usually placed below the main headline. You need to develop the headline lines and provide detailed information to visitors.

New Caledonia B2B List

Make sure your subheading entices your visitors to stay on the landing page of the website. Goto Meeting landing page example Whenever subscribers read the line: “GoToMeeting lets your best work shine” followed by the headline, they build a sense of trust in the company. The green colored badge with the words “20% OFF” and “SAVINGS” at the top forms an important element of a website’s landing page, enticing the subscriber to fill out the form and try your service, which is exactly the purpose of destiny. page. 3. Images that “speak” louder than words Images are an important landing page component as they can convey much more than plain text.

If Your Images Are Relevant

And strategically placed, you can easily grab the attention of visitors. If you are dealing with product sales, it is advisable to have the product image on the sales landing page. Service-based businesses can have interesting service-related images that aim to solve problems for customers. It is very important to have high resolution custom images. Stock photos or low-quality images don’t work well everywhere, and the landing page is no exception. In addition to images, gifs and animations on the campaign landing page have also helped improve conversion rates. Instagram- landing page element headline Instagram follows the vertical split idea which works great for landing pages.

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