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The integration of email with your Digital Marketing work remains essential, even in the midst of the golden age of social networks. And tools like MailChimp in WordPress contribute a lot to this goal. Luisa Perez Nov 3, 20 | 8 min read how to embed MailChimp in WordPress If you already use WordPress as part of your Digital Marketing strategy , you must know very well the importance of this CMS for the performance of your brand.


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Your website more profitable, it is important to integrate it with other tools and plugins. And one of the most prominent examples Iceland Phone Number is MailChimp for WordPress. You have probably heard of this program and know some of its features. However, after installing it, you may have some trouble setting it up correctly, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of MailChimp. And if you don’t use this tool yet.

Iceland Phone Number

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About its features and understanding how it contributes to optimizing the positioning of brands and websites . To help you with that, this article will address the following points: 1. What is MailChimp? 2. What are the features of MailChimp for WordPress? a. Creation of forms; b. Mail list; c. Creation of Landing Pages; d. social media posting; and. Performance data analysis; F. Response automation; 3. How to configure MailChimp in WordPress?

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