Leveraging The Power Of Ai In Marketo Emails

Artificial intelligence replaces the human role of intuition in the world of email marketing. What used to be done by guesswork and trial and error is now done by using AI principles. Many marketers still rely on repetitive and redundant testing methods to find out what works for their target audience. However, considering the type of competition in the market, it is advisable to use powerful AI technology. Instead of running multiple A/B tests and evaluating the insights you get from them, you can use AI to create emails that are sure to resonate with your audience. Marketo provides an unparalleled opportunity to run AI on your email templates with its predictive content feature. If you are already using this tool, you must know its products well; Predictive content is one of the most compelling.

So if you want to target your buyers more effectively and get them to buy from you, Marketo’s AI tool can do wonders for you. This is evident by the fact that predictive content recommendations have resulted in a direct lead conversion rate of 75% and generated $100k leads. Let’s start by understanding the benefits of predictive content. Help create the Germany WhatsApp Number List relevant content with the help of AI. With the help of predictive content, you can learn, recommend, and display relevant email content that engages consumers and drives them to purchase. For example: If you offer various services related to the financial sector and someone has expressed an interest in stock investing, you can target them with exclusive content related to this topic.

Marketo comes with two

Features: Predictive email content locations Multiple content layouts You can use these features to create personalized content recommendations with various content categories and eight different supported layout designs. You can automate future emails based on engagement. Predictive content allows you to use the power of triggers and filters to automate activities based on user engagement with the recommendations made by predictive content. To illustrate this point, consider that you have an agriculture-based business and you are sending different emails about traditional food products to your subscriber and they have shown more interest in organic grains and legumes. AI can help you target this subscriber with automated emails that specifically talk in detail about said organic products.

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Doing so would increase the likelihood of conversion, since you’re telling subscribers what they want to know more about. With the help of predictive content, you can automatically discover and tag current live assets and configure them for AI-powered recommendations. Measurements in your email and web automation programs. The two features that can help you with this are: Automatic content discovery Automatic content tagging. Significantly improves the subscriber experience. Because Adobe Sensei helps deliver the most relevant content. You can take the subscriber experience to the next level and generate the maximum return on investment for your business. Why do you think Netflix is ​​so popular among all generations? It’s because they show people what they want to see .

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Romantic comedies, they will send an AI-powered email suggesting such shows based on your browsing history and watch history. On the other hand, if you love thrillers, you will receive those recommendations in your inbox. In addition to email, they have gone a step further and optimized their website and app based on user preferences. Marketo Engage comes with special Anonymous Visitor Targeting and Known Visitor Targeting features. These features allow you to create hyper-personalized email experiences based on whether. A web visitor is anonymous or known on Marketo Engage. You can then use this data to create a winning trip for subscribers. You can easily analyze the performance of your email campaigns based on predictive content and optimize them. Deep content analysis and out-of-the-box success metrics dashboards give you insight into how your email campaigns are performing. You can use this information to optimize your campaigns for maximum results.

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