Link Customer Psychology And Automated Emails

Tapping on the correct customer emotion is of paramount importance if you want to sell your products or services. When a customer makes a purchase decision, emotions play an integral role and therefore you need to understand how customer psychology works before executing your marketing strategy. Email marketing is no exception to this. If you’re struggling to grab the attention of your subscribers and improve the performance of your email campaigns, you need to rethink your email campaigns and optimize them with marketing psychology in mind. Most of the time, marketers think that email marketing is just about setting up automation workflows and looking at conversions.

That, in fact, is not the case. Your automated emails should be humanized as much as possible and in sync with your brand style and tone. manage your campaign To get started, let’s understand how you can plug psychological tactics into your email automation and make campaigns more effective for your business. 1. Follow the Zeigarnik effect Taiwan WhatsApp Number List you wondering what this Z word is all about? Well, that’s exactly what you should employ in your email marketing strategy, especially when writing subject lines. The Zeigarnik effect refers to the fact that humans tend to focus on incomplete tasks rather than completed tasks. Leave a space for subscribers to generate curiosity and encourage them to complete the action.

For Example: Consider

A subject line like “You may not have seen this before.” By asserting this, the email is more likely to be opened, as it challenges the subscriber to “finish” a task of “seeing something they’ve never seen before.” Once the subscriber opens the email, if it resonates with them, you might have a conversion too. 2.Make small requests early on. Once a customer signs up, you should greet them with a welcome email that introduces your brand and tells them about the products or services you offer. Send them a series of welcome emails that reflect the credibility of the brand and convince them to buy from you. Remember the “foot in the door” technique. It means that if people agree to a smaller request made by you, they will be more open to complying with larger requests.

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Take a look at this series of welcome emails from Office. The first email welcomes new subscribers with a stylish heroic image, followed by attractive copy. The “Show me the shoes” CTA doesn’t ask for a huge commitment from the subscriber. welcome email In the next email in the series, they have subtly asked for the subscriber’s birthday so that they can send personalized emails with offers relevant to the special day. Such emails would make the subscriber feel special and increase the likelihood of providing their information. birthday email template 3. Back up your promotional emails with social proof It is not an exact science that your subscribers are interested in knowing. The opinions of other users who have used your services. This psychological bias is known as “social proof.”

Feature Testimonials, Customer

Reviews, and comments from other users to build a sense of trust and get subscribers to buy from you. Whether you’re running an eCommerce store or a SaaS company. Social proof always comes in handy in your automated promotional emails. Grammarly sends compelling promotional emails (with social proof) to nurture your leads. Persuade subscribers to take advantage of your premium plan. Take a look at one of Grammarly’s email templates where they’ve shared an actual tweet from another user. It would help customers make the purchase decision without any fear. promotional emails 4. Get help from FOMO As human beings. We are always more concerned with what we can’t or don’t have than what we do.

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